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Flag of Nayina Nayina

Capital: Côte du Corail

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Nayina (Franquese:Nayinie, Castellanese:Nahina, Florescentian:Nahína), officially the Republic of Nayina, is a Semi-Constitutional Democratic Republic located on the north shore of the Lycene Sea in Southern Tarephia. The name "Nayina" is derived form the native Sawalaxa language, meaning "The Land of Many Rivers." Nayina is bordered by Tempeira to the north, the Lycene sea to the south, TA305 to the east, and Araguan to the west. Nayina has a land area of about 33,800.00 km^2, which is approximately 13,100.00 sq mi, making it one of the smallest countries in continental Tarephia. Tarephia is the TBD smallest countries behind TBD and TBD, and is one of the TBD populated. It has one of the most significant areas of both ethnic and linguistic diversities in Southern Tarephia, having three official languages, as well as 5-6 recognized languages.

Nayina is in a region known colliquially as the "Lycene", consisting of countries both in Tarephia and Antarephia that has access to the Sea of Lyc. Several indigenous groups live in Nayina, some of which include the Sawalaxa, Tiuwaya, Pampa, Biurwui, Halampiao, Siubale, etc. Nayina was primarily dominated by the Salawaxa, Tiuwaya, and Pampa tribes before Franquese and Castellanese colonisers arrived and colonised the region in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Republic of Nayina
République de Nayinie
"Nos fraternité et nos excellence."
Nos fraternité et nos excellence
 • Largest cityCôte du Corail
Official languagesFranquesse
Ethnic Groups37% Native Nayinese, 16% Ulethan, 47% Other or Undetermined
DemonymNayinese (Nayinienne)
 • PresidentGeorge Majacu
 • Prime MinisterPauline Atichu
LegislatureNational House
 • Estimate (2022)1,989,000
GDP (PPP)2022
 • Total$ 36,900,000,000
 • Per capita$18,552.04
HDI (2022)Increase 0.83
very high
CurrencyNayinese Muri (NYM)



Tiuwaya Kingdoms ~800CE-1300CE

Franquese Colonies

The Rivages

Nayinese Independance

Araguan Civil War??

Araguan-Nayina Confederacy

Modern Nayina


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Geography of Nayina
Population1,989,000 (2022)
• Total34 031.27 km2
13 139.55 sq mi
Population density58.4 km2
151.4 sq mi
Time zoneWUT+XX

Nayina is situated primarily in a tropical rainforest and tropical monsoon climate region, the warm water frpom the Sea of Lyc helps induce rainfall in the region.


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Government of Nayina
Federal Democratic Republic
CapitalCôte du Corail
Head of state
• PresidentGeorge Majacu
• Prime MinisterPauline Atichu
LegislatureLa Chambre Législative
• Upper houseLe Sénat
• Lower houseLa Basse Chambre
JudiciaryLe Tribunal National