Nedelica Union

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Nedelica Union
Flag of Nedelica Union
"Jedność z szacunkiem"
Unity with respect
Supranational union
Members3 member states
Administrative center(s)Nedelica
Official languagesDregolesian, Dregovinian, Lechian, Zamednovchan
 • Total217 408.84 km2
 • Estimate (2022)17 629 853
 • Density81.09/km2
GDP (PPP)2022
 • Total613.03 billion $
 • Per capita34 772 $

The Nedelica Union is an intergovernmental organization based in northern West Uletha. Nations belonging to the Union share a common Lechian cultural identity and were historically colonized by Lechia.


Following the referendum which shared the Dregolesian plain between Geklinia-Dregolesia and Dregovine (also Suria) cooperation between both countries was forced to increase as many traditional trade roads of Surian were now cut by borders. The city of Nedelica was also divided along the cliff, cutting the old city from newly established suburbs.

Additionally, in 1965, Dregolesian separatists rose against Geklin rule and the uprising was stopped by joint forces of Dregovine and Geklin-Dregolesian royalists. As Dregovine was under constant pressure of possible Surian aggression, the country was interested in making cooperation more formalized and as a result, the first treaty was signed.


First treaty between three countries of Lany, Geklinia-Dregolesia and Dregovine was signed in Nedelica castle and was only mutual defense pact with only few basic trade agreements added. The latter were focused mainly on mutual access to ports allowing all states free access to northern sea and Egalian Lake with bypassing Suria by land.

More economic integration was brought under the Free Movement Agreement signed twenty years later, when border control between the members was removed and since then only an ID card is required to travel between the countries.



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Statistical table

Country Capital Accession Population Area (km2) GDP GDP per cap HDI Parliament Languages Notes
Dregovine flag.png Dregovine Litusava 1967 2 963 898 51 246.97 82.61 billion $ 27,827 $ 0.817 Unicameral legislature (Duma) Dregovinian, Lechian, Podolian Founding member
UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia Dobrzanka 1967 16 095 220 132 635.53 493.224 billion $ 30,644 $ 0.804 Unicameral legislature (Elektorium) Dregolesian (official), Lechian (official), Zamednovchian Founding member
Flag Lany.png Łany Basidwór 1967 2 396 535 34 544.08 119.743 billion $ 49,965 $ 0.818 Unicameral legislature (Rada) Lechian (Lanian Lechian) Founding member