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Hi, we are aware of cases where mapping changes are not being reflected in the rendered map. For example old boundaries and roads are shown, not new changes. In these cases please do not attempt to "kick the render", by moving mapping or recreating relations to "fix it". It will not work and only add additional confusion.

There is a rough understanding of what the issue is and it will be investigated fully in time.

The renderer has just been reloaded from scratch and is catching up - this is a temporary fix.

Please add a note of known issue locations, with a good explanation, to the end of the table below. Specific changeset IDs are appreciated. Thanks/wangi (talk) 16:32, 24 March 2022 (UTC)

  • Update: as of Sun 27 March the utilities used to update the ogf-carto map style with latest changes, and to mark tiles as needing refreshed, have been updated based, loosely, on current OSM tools. If any new issues are seen please list them below - the new setup has extra information logged to help in troubleshooting. /wangi (talk) 01:48, 27 March 2022 (UTC)


Status Location Issue summary Changeset User Added
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 41.43732°S, 160.86334°E Moving of roads and buildings partially reflected Drogda wangi (talk) 16:32, 24 March 2022 (UTC)
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 42.7369°S, 142.8407°E Road & interchange not shown c1177637 varnel_maiser wangi (talk) 16:38, 24 March 2022 (UTC)
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 40.18125°S, 144.35211°E Newly added fortress and river changes not rendering c1178308 AnimationSky AnimationSky (talk) 16:56, 24 March 2022 (UTC)
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 22.39302°N, 152.37732°E 4 day old changeset not rendered at zoom <16 and only partially rendered at zoom 17-19 c1177165 kengoman Kengoman (talk) 23:55, 24 March 2022 (UTC)
Manually fixed OGFmapicon.png 42.8144°S, 124.3555°E Recent changeset not rendered, but other changesets made afterwards and in the same area render.
The scrub & related areas were not now rendering, while new items were. I have now manually fixed /wangi (talk) 16:21, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
c1178410 Arlo Arlo (talk) 03:27, 25 March 2022 (UTC)
Render DB issue OGFmapicon.png 10.803°N, 157.203°E strange line after city move c1178211 快乐的老鼠宝宝 --快乐的老鼠宝宝 (talk) 04:44, 25 March 2022 (UTC)
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 35.9752°N, 84.8411°E zoom 13-15 doesn't render c1178575 Rustem Pasha Rustem Pasha (talk) 12:26, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
Fixed OGFmapicon.png 57.9065°N, 75.9293°E changeset doesn't render despite refreshing and nodes being there.
This was mapped during server work on the renderer yesterday, I have manually fixed /wangi (talk) 13:39, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
c1178637 Mie Mie (talk) 12:39, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
Manually fixed OGFmapicon.png 43.6582°S, 126.0139°E Coastline majorly edited approx 1-2 days ago, changes can be seen on low zoom levels, but not in closer zoom (despite recaching). Ignore changeset area, only area with problem is Port Aspérie.
This is a quirk of the coastline process really. When I looked all levels except for z12 were good. The coastline process is separate from the main render update, only updating at 30 minute intervals. Those 30 minute intervals do not result in map tiles being marked as needing re-rendered. Normally later edits in the same area will trigger the re-render. You also had a reversed coastline. /wangi (talk) 08:42, 30 March 2022 (UTC)
c1179532 Arlo Arlo (talk) 02:26, 30 March 2022 (UTC)Arlo