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State of Laine
Estado de Laín
Laine / Laín
Ākso'sgo'ï (Elādig'ëan)
FlagState emblem
FlagState Seal

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Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalOrterrado and Hálison
Largest cityOrterrado
Official languagesIngerish, Castellanese
 • Regional languagesElādig'ëan
Laíneso (m)
Laínesa (f)
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
 • GovernorAmanda Antonio
 • Vice GovernorFelix Rubio
LegislatureState Congress
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState Assembly
 • Census6,355,000

The State of Laine ['læɪn] (Castellanese: Estado de Laín ['lai.ŋ]) is a state in the northeastern region of the Federal States of Archanta, located on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean. Laine borders Eustacia to the north, Wilthamshire to the west and Orange Coast to the south. Laine also shares a maritime border with Unesia in the northeast. Hálison and Orterrado are both the capital cities of the state while Orterrado is also the largest city in Laine. Laine is divided into 12 counties, ranging between the population of 1,430,000 in Orterrado and 52,000 Marlington county.


The origin of the name "Laine" is unknown. One theory is that the name comes from the old name on the city of Northeastern Port, "La Entrada" (lit. The Entrance). The city used to be the main maritime entrance to the state until the construction of the Orterrado port in 1807.

Another theory, and the most accepted one, is that the name comes from a translation of a name in the Elādig'ëan language, a native language spoken in the region. In Elādeg'ëan, the western area of Laine was called "Ākso'sgo'ï", meaning "walking down the hill". In the 1700s the name for arable land at the foot of a hill in Ingerish was "Laine"[1], therefore it is believed to be an attempt to translate the native. Ākso'sgo'ï is still accepted as the name of the state in the native language.

Administrative division

List of counties

Seal Flag Name Code Road Code County seat Largest city Population Map (link) Notes
Sealorterrado.png ORflag.png Orterrado County OR {n/a} Orterrado 1,430,000 File:MapOR Laine.png
File:ABCSeal Laine.png File:ABCFlag Laine.png Augusta Bay County AB 4 Solomiero Lundres 1,140,000 File:MapAB Laine.png
File:QFCSeal Laine.png File:QFCFlag Laine.png Quep Falls County QF 7 Quep Falls Tigre Dorado 809,000 File:MapQF Laine.png
SealOfHalison.png FlagOfHalison.png Hálison County HS {n/a} Hálison 620,000 File:MapHS Laine.png
File:MRCSeal Laine.png File:MRCFlag Laine.png Miañe River County MR 1 Carllspen Miañe 604,000 File:MapMR Laine.png
File:ANCSeal Laine.png File:ANCFlag Laine.png Andalorian County AN 2 Lambbridge 440,000 File:MapAN Laine.png
File:OXCSeal Laine.png File:OXCFlag Laine.png Oxdon County OX 3 Benford Alvia 420,000 File:MapOX Laine.png
File:GRCSeal Laine.png File:GRCFlag Laine.png Gorado County GR 6 Falcon Adelánte 401,000 File:MapGR Laine.png
File:AVCSeal Laine.png File:AVCFlag Laine.png Armalera Valley County AV 5 Arma 232,000 File:MapAV Laine.png
File:FLCSeal Laine.png File:FLCFlag Laine.png Folto County FL 9 Concord Croline City 128,000 File:MapFL Laine.png
File:MCCSeal Laine.png File:MCCFlag1 Laine.png Monte Camilore County MC 8 Valeriana Sindolor 79,000 File:MapMC Laine.png
File:MTCSeal Laine.png File:MTCFlag Laine.png Marlington County MT 8 Galicson 52,000 File:MapMT Laine.png

List of cities

Seal/CoA Flag Name County Population Map Notes
Sealorterrado.png ORflag.png Orterrado Orterrado County 1,430,000
SealOfHalison.png FlagOfHalison.png Hálison Hálison County 620,000
File:CoAofLundres.png File:FlagOfLundres.png Lundres Agusta Bay County 480,000
Izobelary - Tigre Dorado Quep Falls County 200,000
Miañe Miañe River County 82,000
Lambbridge Andalorian County 80,000
Adelánte Gorado County 60,000
Quep Falls Quep Falls County 54,000
Armalera (Arma) Armalera Valley County 53,000