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Pyingshum (pjiŋɕɯm) is the capital and largest city of Kojo. It is the country's centre of politics, culture and commerce as well as its main transportation hub.


Geography and Climate




Mayor and City Government

City Council

Administrative Divisions

Pyingshum is made up of nine boroughs (Dengshō), which in turn are divided into a total of xx Pangs. Unlike most other cities in Kojo, not all power is vested in the central city government. Pyingshum is one of only two Kojolese cities that have a second local layer of government on the borough-level. They have some competencies in the area of road construction, amenities, ordinances, building permits etc. While elections of the local borough-councils are analogous and simultaneous to the city-council, the borough mayors are not decided by the people directly but instead elected by the borough-councils. They are also not head of the local administration but instead perform mostly representative functions. Unlike the city councillors and the mayor, sitting on a borough-council or being borough-mayor are honorary offices with small expense allowances instead of fixed remunerations. Additionally, the borough-councils appoint neighbourhood-boards. They are made up of 5-30 adept residents of the Pang who advise the borough- and sometimes city-council on local matters.

For a list of all Dengshōs and Pangs in the city, refer to the main article: Administrative divisions of Kojo#Pyingshum-sur.




Culture and Leisure