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Welcome back to the wiki!

Before making a page for your state, or changing any existing pages, please take the time to read these regulations and guidelines - they are important to maintaining a functioning wiki, and to improving the usability and consistency of the FSA pages.

Standard wiki etiquette applies here. Don't edit public or other users' pages (without permission, of course).

If it's not yours to edit, don't edit it.

As per the rules of Wiki 2.0, FSA stateowners and collaborative coordinators will be limited as to the number of pages they can create, and new regulations have been implemented as to what pages and files users must categorize (everything), and how they will be categorized.

Meta versus canon

There will now be a clear distinction between pages regarding things in-universe, and out-of-universe. For the purposes of clarity, they will be known here as canon and meta, respectively.

  • Things that are canon regard "real" things in the OGF world. These include articles regarding states, cities, events, and other lists.
A page is either canon or meta — never both.

This means that collaborative states (Eustacia, West Massodeya, etc.) will have two pages: A canon page, like a Wikipedia article on the state, and a meta page, to coordinate and help users join the collaborative.


The Federal States canon page will not be open for general editing by any user. Instead, stateowners and collaborative coordinators should submit requests to the FSA Coordinator(s) to make additions or amendments to the page. The requests will be put in a pool, and the FSA Coordinator(s) will make the changes based on a schedule, which will be made public. (Additional Note: The FSA Dashboard contains a table where state statistics can be inputted. The FSA coordinators will update the corresponding table in the Federal States canon page on a timely basis.)

All Federal States meta pages will be under the namescheme Collab:Federal States/{Collaborative State}, with individual states under Collab:Federal States/Collaborative States/{Collaborative State}. These will be open for general editing (particularly by those involved), but as always, discussion should take place in the associated talk pages or in the FSA forum.

To keep the wiki clean and efficient, there will be regulations in place to reduce the amount of pages made and files uploaded. This is to everyone's benefit - it'll ensure the Wiki runs smoothly and without unnecessary delay.

Canon content

The wiki is moving away from using username categories (i.e. [[category:Trombonist2003]], [[category:User:Trombonist2003]]). Avoid using them to categorize your artcles and images. All files and pages should instead be categorized either under the state category, or a user sandbox category.

Making new pages

Each page you make regarding your state must be tagged with:

[[category:Federal States]]
[[category:States of the Federal States]]
[[category:{Your State Name}]]

You are permitted to have these pages:

  • Main State Page
  • "Administrative Divisions of {Your State Name}"
  • Significant City (by population, heritage, culture, or history)
For example:
  • Nishowigan
  • Administrative Divisions of Nishowigan
  • Ste. Margaux

Uploading files

Please reduce as much as possible, the amount of files you upload to the Wiki. Only upload files if you know for sure that you will use them. It is strongly recommended to upload a new version of the file, instead of uploading a new file and marking the old for deletion.

Every file you upload regarding your state must be tagged with [[category:{Your State Name}]] and must include a valid license. If any content comes from elsewhere on the web or was not created by you, you must provide a link to the source material. This image policy is strictly enforced.

Meta content

For collaborative state coordinators, the process will be slightly different. The name of the page should follow the format Collab:Federal States/Collaborative States/{Collaborative State Name}. Each collaborative state page must be tagged with:

[[category:Federal States collaborative documentation]]

Do not apply the following tags:

[[category:States of the Federal States]]
[[category:{Collaborative State Name}]]

Fret not, however, these steps should already have been applied. This section is for maintenance purposes, if an error is made.


Below, you can see some sample headings for pages related to Nishowigan, and for the general Collaborative State Collaboration page. The canon Mennowa page and meta West Massodeya Collaboration page are set up on the wiki as more thorough examples of the formatting and style of the state page.

The symbols < > enclosing a topic indicate that the topic could be in a collapsible table or collapsible section format. The intention is to create robust, thorough pages and not scatter information across multiple short pages. Within each of those sections, the information can be contained within a collapsible table, while retaining the full article format. The collapsible property is not required.

The format for the following pages are strongly suggested, but not mandatory. For the state page, the first level headers (Etymology, History, Geography, Government and Politics, Economy, Demographics, Transportation, and Culture) have been adapted from real Wikipedia articles. For consistency's sake, it is strongly recommended to adopt the first level headers.

Canon pages

For state pages, you will also include the template {{States of the Federal States}} at the bottom. Here is an example of how these might apply to Nishowigan:

State pages

  • Etymology
  • History
    • Wychelle Territory
    • 1960 Winter Pax Nova Games
      • Brief description, link to event page.
  • Geography
    • Climate
    • Subdivisions
      • Brief description of counties/districts, link to subdivisions page.
      • Brief description of important municipalities, link to subdivisions page.
  • Government and Politics
    • Nishowigan National Guard
  • Economy
  • Demographics
    • Health
    • Education
      • < School list >
    • Ethnicity
    • Languages
    • Religion
  • Transportation
    • Roadways
    • Railways
  • Culture
    • Symbols
    • Sports
  • See Also
    • Links to other pages related to Nishowigan
  • Notes

{{States of the Federal States}} <-- this is the syntax for a template

[[category:Federal States]]
[[category:States of the Federal States]]

State administrative divisions page

Administrative Divisions of Nishowigan
  • Distinction between counties, districts, independent municipalities, and treaty lands
  • List of counties and districts
    • Annagawi County
    • Dexton County
    • Dulac District
    • Greater Ste. Margaux (Ste. Margaux District)
      • {brief description, link to city page}
    • Payette County
    • Red County
    • Wisgana County
    • Unorganized Nishowigan
    • [insert Wychelle counties]
  • List of independent municipalities
    • Croix-de-Nazaire
    • Gichimigad
    • Fort Skye
    • Independent Bradley
    • Wychelle
      • Brief description, link to city page.
  • List of treaty lands
    • Adaskaway 13
    • Ginée 12
    • Miskigan 21
  • Notes
[[category:Federal States]]

Significant city page

Greater Ste. Margaux
This page has redirects from:
- Ste. Margaux
#REDIRECT [[Greater Ste. Margaux]]
  • Etymology
  • History
    • Settlement
    • Founding
  • Geography
    • Climate
    • Cityscape
      • Architecture
      • Neighbourhoods
        • Hauts-de-la-Prairie
        • Martin
        • Old Ste. Margaux
        • Ruidgertown
        • etc.
      • Public Spaces
  • Culture and contemporary life
    • Media
    • Tourism
    • Sports
      • 1960 Pax Nova Games
        • Brief description, link to event page.
  • Economy
  • Demographics
    • Population
    • Education
    • Ethnicity
    • Languages
    • Religion
  • Government
  • Infrastructure
    • Public transport
    • Airports
    • Roadways
    • Railways
  • Sister cities
  • See Also
    • Links to other pages related to Ste. Margaux
  • Notes
[[category:Federal States]]

Other pages such as "Culture of Nishowigan" or "Economy of Nishowigan" can be created as needed. Please do not create these pages as placeholders. Only use them if a section warrants it.

In all cases, tag the articles with the two same categories. In this case: [[category:Federal States]] and [[category:Nishowigan]].

Meta pages

The format for meta collaborative pages is more rigid. This information is critical for new users to join the FSA project, so it is important that the collaborative states pages remain consistent in format.

You will be asked to complete the template {{Collabheader}} and place it at the top of the page. It provides an introduction to the state, the inspiration, and who coordinates the project. Further information is added below.

Collab:Federal States/Collaborative States/{Collaborative State}


  • Introduction to the state
  • Inspiration and join conditions
  • List of contributors
    • (It is preferred to include their roles and/or assigned areas)
  • More details,
  • as needed.
[[category:Federal States collaborative documentation]]