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This page is a guide for the collaborative creation of the country of Lentia. Lentia is the homeland of the Lentian language (equivalent to real world Dutch), and is therefore fully mapped in Dutch. It is a densely populated and wealthy democracy in nortwestern Uletha located at the Vinn Sea. Lentia had several colonies based on trade in the past and still heavily relies on trade and international cooperation. The mapping style is very similar to the Netherlands, but regional differences allow for a more Flemish styled south-west, an Ardennes styled central region and a Alpine styled mountainous region in the south-east.

Any mappers interested in mapping in Dutch with a Dutch, Belgian or Alpine theme are encouraged to take part in this collaborative project. Non-Dutch speaking mappers wanting to contribute are also welcome. If you want to join, just message the coordinator of the territory Squizie3 via e-mail or via a DM in Discord, either in Dutch or English. Once you're allowed to map in Lentia, you will have quite a bit of freedom to detail and create cities, natural features, etc., as long as it is in line with the general guidelines detailed further down this page.

Some collaboration rules

  • Only map in Lentia after you contacted the coordinator of the territory Squizie3 to gain permission.
  • Once you're allowed to map in Lentia, you can map quite freely without asking permission to make changes, as long as you follow the rules below.
  • Mapping style is Dutch, Belgian or Alpine. Look at OpenStreetMap for inspiration.
  • Names etc. are in Dutch for the whole territory. Exceptions obviously exist for international brands etc., just like in the real world.
  • A draft map of the territory is included below showing almost all large scale features. Make sure to take a look at it.
  • Some areas are yet to be structured, and aren't open to be mapped yet. These areas are marked as 'Unfinished zone'.
  • Detailing on all scales is heavily encouraged. If you map in the aforementioned style and coherent to the draft map, much is possible.
  • Creating new medium to small scale features is allowed, just make it look coherent with other mapped areas and real world maps.
  • Creating new large scale features such as mountain ranges, larger islands, large cities, completely new long distance motorways, trunks, railways etc. that do not appear on the draft map are not allowed unless discussed with other mappers first, especially the coordinator Squizie3. There are already a lot of large scale features that lack any detail, so you can work on detailing those instead. Short extensions of trunks, ring roads, railway branches, expansions of cities, etc. are no problem however.
  • Detailing the work of others is allowed, as this further improves the quality of the map. Removing work of others to replace it with less detail is discouraged and should generally be avoided, or should be discussed with other mappers first.
  • No copying from real world maps such as OpenStreetMap. This would classify as plagiarism and is not tolerated on OGF, nor in Lentia.
  • It is encouraged to participate in discussions with others about the country, proposals for larger changes, details you like to change of others' work, etc. either on this page's talk page or on our dedicated group chat on Discord (ask Squizie3).
  • Everyone editing the territory is highly encouraged to let others know they are currently editing an area to prevent upload conflicts.
  • Further mapping guidelines on how and what features are mapped in Lentia are available below. Make sure to take a look at them too.
  • Have fun mapping!


Please add your name to this table when you contribute to the project.

User Wiki Speaks Dutch Notes
Squizie3 Squizie3 Coordinator and owner of the territory
Niels20020 Niels20020
Moskva Moskva
Mantan Mantan
Lithium-Ion Lithium Mapped the Waddenzee area
TheRuler TheRuler Mapped the Komsburg area using the historical mapping approach


Slightly outdated draft map of the Lentian territory

Lentia is divided in three regions (gewesten). The northern region is mostly a densely populated plain similar to the Netherlands, the southwestern region is another slightly smaller densely populated plain with some more Flemish elements, and the southeastern mountainous region boasts similarities with the Alps. The area around the border between the northern and the southwestern region is a hilly landscape similar to the Ardennes (Wallonia) and southern Limburg.

Mapping guidelines

Road infrastructure

Road infrastructure closely follows the Netherlands concerning road principles. The following table gives some guidelines:

Road category Tag Ref Speed limit (km/h) Cycling Usage
Outside built-up areas Built-up areas
Autosnelweg motorway A1 - A999 120 120 (100) Prohibited Motorways link long distance relations of national importance with high volumes, fully grade separated.
(= Autoweg)
trunk E1 - E999 100 100 (80) Prohibited Expressways link slightly less important relations on a regional scale or less high volume city traffic without national importance, mostly grade separated but traffic signals or (turbo) roundabouts can in some cases exist. No pedestrians/cyclists/tractors etc. allowed, and no roadside development possible. In most cases 2x2, but can be 2x1 in some.
Gewestweg (= Rijksweg) primary G1 - G999 80 50 Separate cycle lanes or parallel roads Normal roads of regional importance managed by the states or provinces. Inside city centres some important access roads managed by the municipality can also be classified as primary or secondary, without having a road number.
Provincieweg secondary
Gemeenteweg tertiary / Zone 60 50 Mixed with traffic, possibly separate cycle lanes or parallel roads, especially in built-up areas Normal roads of municipal importance, also connect small villages together.
Ongeclassificeerd unclassified / Zone 60 Zone 30 Mixed with traffic Unclassified roads. Mostly for access to agriculture or industry.
Woonstraat residential Residential streets where people live, but also for offices, shops,... in built-up areas.
Woonerf living_street / - 20 Mixed with traffic and pedestrians Street where sidewalk and roadway are merged together so pedestrians may walk wherever they want.
Fietssnelweg cycleway F1 - F999 / / - Cycle highways connect some major regional destinations with first class bicycle infrastructure to facilitate long distance cycling. In most cases follows canals or (former) railways. Crossings with secondary roads or higher are grade separated, smaller intersections can be at grade with priority for cyclists. Sometimes parts of cycle highways can follow residential streets that are designated as cyclestreets (fietsstraten). Numbering of cycle highways takes over a number of a nearby road connecting roughly the same destinations.

The following principles apply to road numbering:

1) Possible speed limits are 120 - 100 - 80 - 60 - 50 - 30 - 20.

2) Road number digits are unique for one contiguous roadway, independently of their A, E or N prefix, which only indicate the road category. So e.g. if the N54 primary road turns into a trunk, the ref changes into E54, and if it turns into a motorway the ref turns into A54. This also means it is not allowed to have e.g. both a secondary road N2 and a motorway A2 running roughly parallel, because they are different roads so should use different digits.

3) Short motorways, trunks and primary roads are numbered in concordance with a nearby long distance road nummber, example A901 might be a motorway connected to the A9 or A90.



List of frequently mapped business chains in Lentia. Please add chains that will have locations in more than one city in Lentia, so others can consult this list to further spread the chains throughout the country. Add them alphabetically based on type.

Type Tag Company name Brands / franchises Origin International Operating area in Lentia Headquarters Special requirements Extra info
Bank amenity=bank Agricultuurbank Agricultuurbank Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide
Bank amenity=bank Landsbank Landsbank Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide
Bank amenity=bank Toekomstbank Toekomstbank Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide
Chemist (drogist) shop=chemist Berends Berends Lentian flag.svg Lentia TBD Countrywide TBD / Very similar to real world Kruidvat
Cinema amenity=cinema De Bioscoop De Bioscoop Lentian flag.svg Lentia No Countrywide TBD / /
Clothing store shop=clothes 18 18 Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD / Fashion for young women
Clothing store shop=boutique Aix Aix Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide Haute Couture
Clothing store shop=boutique Antibes Antibes, Eauxvandes Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide Haute Couture
Clothing store shop=clothes Denim Square Denim Square Lentian flag.svg Lentia Maybe some neighboring countries Countrywide TBD / Specialized in denim clothes
Clothing store shop=clothes Kens Kens Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD / Smart Fashion
Clothing store shop=clothes Kledingfabriek Kledingfabriek Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD / Cheap clothing
Clothing store shop=boutique Or Or, Plage Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD Haute Couture
Clothing store shop=clothes Scharf Scharf Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD / Elderly target group
Clothing store shop=clothes Vacher Vacher Welstand-Westrijk Index:International business listing Countrywide Forgen, Welstand-Westrijk Large Cities Haute Couture
Clothing store shop=clothes Velden & Cwyn Velden & Cwyn Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD / Fashion for youth
Clothing store shop=clothes Your Style Your Style Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide TBD Fashion for youth
Coffeehouse amenity=cafe
+ see requirements
Gobeletplain Gobeletplain Mergany Index:International business listing Countrywide Mergany Instructions for tagging and adding to the chain's relation at Talk:Gobeletplain Chain similar to real world Starbucks
Do-it-yourself shop=doityourself Bob's Bouwmarkt Bob's Bouwmarkt Lentian flag.svg Lentia No Countrywide TBD / /
Do-it-yourself shop=doityourself Huis & Tuin Huis & Tuin Lentian flag.svg Lentia No TBD TBD / /
Fast food restaurant amenity=fast_food StarBurgers StarBurgers FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Index:International business listing Countrywide FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia / Chain similar to real world McDonald's
Fast food restaurant amenity=fast_food Krispy Krispy Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona Yes Countrywide Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona Add cuisine=chicken Chain similar to real world Kentucky Fried Chicken
Hotel tourism=hotel Pern Pern Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide Luxury hotel chain
Pastry shop=pastry Vlaaienkeizer Vlaaienkeizer Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide
Restaurant amenity=restaurant Het Paradijs Het Paradijs Lentian flag.svg Lentia Countrywide Hertogswilt / Buffet restaurant
Supermarket shop=supermarket TBD TBD, TBD Express Lentian flag.svg Lentia TBD Countrywide TBD / /
Supermarket shop=supermarket Megamarkt Megamarkt Lentian flag.svg Lentia TBD Countrywide TBD 'Normal' Dutch-style supermarket Discount supermarket chain (similar to real world Aldi)
Minimegamarkt Small supermarkets at fuel stations or in old city centres
Maximegamarkt Large megastores


Currently according to OGF general guidelines we should not yet start embassies abroad because the country needs to be mapped a bit more first. However, one embassy was already taken over from former Vinnmark and another was requested by the owner of Mauretia, so here's a very short list.


List of names to be used for streetnames of other purpose

Government - Overheid:



Binnenlandse Zaken

Buitenlandse Zaken









Wetenschap en Onderwijs


Saints - Heiligen








Joost de Monnik



Jozef van Bruggen

Jozef van Trefeirion




Maria van Karm






Onze Lieve Dame

Onze Dame van Abd








Chronological list of Lentian monarchs:

Timespan Monarch Royal consort
1667 – 1702 Godfried I the Great Elizabeth of Blaauwenburg
1702 – 1716 Godfried II with the Beard Emiliana of Zoderschalen
1716 – 1760 Godfried III Victoria of Toerstadt
1716 – 1721 Regency of Prince Anders
1760 – 1781 Karel I the Desired Maria of Kruisburg
1781 – 1800 Karel II the Cruel Johanna of Sternië
1800 – 1810 Sophia Sebastiaan of Sperburg
1810 – 1836 Frederik I the Great Catharina of Zwartland
1836 – 1846 Frederik II A princess from Atreisia?
1846 – 1870 Emiliana I the Strong Anton of Sternië
1870 – 1893 Frederik III the Simple Alexandra Groen
1893 – 1914 Cathelijne Johan Dekker
1914 – 1940 Karel III A prince from Utterland?
1940 – 1961 Frederik IV the Bold Irene de Jong
1961 – 1997 Ruben Charlotte Nieuwendam
1997 – present Emiliana II Dennis Bouwman



Anders (prins)

Frederik de Eenvoudige (III)

Frederik de Grote (I)

Frederik de Stoute (IV)

Frederik de Tweede (II)

Godfried de Grote (I)

Godfried de Derde (III)

Godfried met Baard (II)

Karel de Eerste (I)

Karel de Derde (III)

Karel de Wrede (II)





Emiliana II


= Royal consorts

Alexandra Groen

Anton van Sternië

Catharina van Zwartland

Charlotte Nieuwendam

Dennis Bouwman

Elizabeth van Blaauwenburg

Emiliana van Zoderschalen

Irene de Jong

Johan Dekker

Johanna van Sternië

Maria van Kruisburg

Sebastiaan van Sperburg

Victoria van Toerstadt


Hertog Willem van Leeuwen en Vrijten

Hertogin Johanna van Zilverbergen

Hertog Joost van Wijzel

Prinses Therese van Sticht - Abdijen (m. Iris Meijer)

Prinses Catalina van Sticht - Abdijen


Arnold de Standvastige

Arnulf van Terwaan

Audulf de Jongere

Audulf de Oudere

Boudewijn van Zoderschalen

Bruno de Vogelaar

Childebert de Derde

Childebert de Grote (1)

Childebert de Tweede

Christiaan van Koms

Dagobert de Vrome

Diederik van Diepenbrock

Dirk de Vrome

Engelbert van Sint Pool

Engelram de Welbeminde

Ezzo van Sint Pool

Filips de Goede (van Gasten)

Filips van Schepenbijl

Floris de Korte (van Koeter)

Franciscus van Gasten

Frederik van Hertogswiltlaan

Frederik de Lange

Frederik de Middelste

Giselbert van Nederkom

Godfried de Voogd (Hertogswilt)

Gozelo van Zilverbergen

Hendrik de Vrome

Herman van Ridderburg

Hiëronymus van Hertogswilt

Jacobus van Gasten

Jan de Postume

Jan van Waterland

Karel van Gasten

Karolus de Stoute (Hertogswilt)

Koenraad van Spiers

Koenraad zonder Vrees

Lambert het Kind

Lotharius de Eenvoudige

Mattheus de Kale

Maximiliaan van Nadrouwen

Nicolaas de Schone

Otto de Grootmoedige

Reinier van Leeuwen

Reinoud van Spiers

Robrecht van Stoender

Ruben de derde van Blaauwenburg

Rudolf van Nadrouwen

Rutger de Wijze

Sigebert van Nadrouwen

Simon van Toerstadt

Theobald van Ochtenbad

Theuderik van Hertogswilt

Thiebaut de Heilige

Thiebaut de Wrede

Udo van Springburg

Walewijn de Schone (Ochtenbad)

Walram Paganus

Army Leaders


Arnout van Lindenheuvel

Casper van Glazenappen

Clovis van Springburg

Darell van Noorhalven

Dirk van Duizer

Eberhard van Rode

Eberhard Jozef van Veurdalen

Emilius van Boeien

Filips van Berenstein

Franck van Zilverbergen

John van Welwyn

Hendrik van Mussenberg

Herman van Eikenhoorn

Joris de Greijse

Josephus van der Tarm

Karel Frederik van Steenmetten

Karel van Dorf

Lotharius von Neumann

Mattheus van Grijten

Otto Christoph van Sper

Petrus van Roestenburg

Willem Diederik van Budelbrugge


Aegidius van Wanten

Dirk Philippus van Grauberg

Filips van Sint Jozef

Lodewijk Antonie van Udert

Mathijs Kramer

Michiel Af

Petrus Willem Hofmelen

Walewijn Moster


Baldewin van Sint Pool

Boudewijn Pereboom

David van Deervelden

Diederik Fierabras

Erik Meulenaers

Havik Davidszoon

Heinrich Blaumann

Hendrikus Kortjaan

Jozef van Toorberg

Otto Theodorus van Bergen

Petrus van Oudtshoorn

Sigismond Beler

Wilhelm Davidszoon

Wouter de Pove


Adelheid Rozenboom

Anna Elizabeth Basingen

Cornelis Boetzelaer

Dolf de Bijs

Jacob Rosenheim

Johannes Hathan

Gerardus de Visser

Gerhard van Weurt

Georges Sunéville

Heinrich von Sassen Marstal

Hendrik Lewijk

Hendrikus Johannes Beeldhouwer

Jacobus van den Oorden

Jean-Pierre Berchmann

Johannes Hoogendaal

Klaas Foesius

Lily Toumen

Lodewijk Coesing

Lodewijk Adriaan Udertman

Margaretha van Messel

Maria Kremer

Marinus Boenhorst

Michiel Marinus Heven

Nicolás Arengo

Otto van Lichtenbosch

Pieter Mauwer

Pieter Nicolaas Marcus Jierson

Rudolf van Penningen

Willem Kouwenburg


Aart van den Bosch

Abraham van der Weiden

Adriaan Gijsbers

Bartelomeus Konings

Claus Maalwaal

Clementia van Hertogswilt

Colijn de Koter

David Gerard

Georgius Pedius

Goswin van der Weiden

Henk van de Moolen

Hubert Provoost

Hugo van Mooimetten

Jan Massijs

Jasper Korfman

Jeronimus Lichtenbosch

Johanna Intwoud

Joos van Wassenhoven

Juan van Wijzel

Juultje Wirtz

Lambert Broederlam

Olga de Ruiter

Pieter Paddenpoel

Quinten van Leuk

Robert Bouts

Rogier van Goer

Thijs Wilton


Adelbert Straalman

Adelheid van Kerkenburg

Clara Magdalena van het Veld

Cornelia van der Woude

Dirk van Rustenburg

Edelbert van der Neck

Emiel Noorderhout

Frederik Erkens

Geertruida van der Woude

Gerrit Pieter Kleinijd

Hendrik Goeman Borgesius

Hendrik Wilhelmus van Gelen

Henk Beren

Herman van Mooslant

Jaap van Gremmen

Jacob van Niftrik

Jean-Pierre Letellier

Johannes Ladenweerd

Joris Hovenoord

Juan Martínez van Komsburg

Lilian van Deck

Louisa O'Michael

Marc Otto van Samelsberg

Maarten van Wechel

Miranda de Bij

Nicolaas Haamrood

Robert van den Berg

Rosie Pellegrom

Samuel van Merksem

Steven van Vliet

Thomas Otto Wuykers

Timo Köhler

Wilhelmina de Meeck

Wout Plasschaert

Xander Adriaan Rever

Geographical names - geografische benamingen



Blauwe Meur









Komse Diep

Lentse Scheur







Bodies of water-Watergebieden

Bartensteense Plas



Kanaal van Zwier



Komse Diep


Laneveense Waard

Lentse Scheur


Springse Diep





Nature Reserves-Natuurreservaten



Irtselse duinen



Schapeneilandse duinen

Schapeneilandse waddenzee

















Sint Odemaars


Slag bij Cervonograd

Zeeslag in de Lentse Scheur

Zeeslag van Zwartrif

Slag van Tarott

Slag van Porto Real

Highest Mountains-Hoogste Bergen

Misthoorn 3564m

Witte Kathedraal 3542m

Heldenhoorn 3532m

IJskogel 3486m

Wolkenbreker 3456m

Eikenhoorn 3419m

Lans 3408m

Nevelkam 3399m

Sint Pelagus 3368m

Dauw 3366m

Sneeuwjacht 3354m

Ermspits 3348m

Kraanvogel 3329m

Schrikhoorn 3327m

Hertoginnenrots 3318m

Fraterskam 3021m

Adelaarsvlucht 3308m

Woudkam 3298m

Rotspiek 3291m

Vergeldingshoorn 3290m

Monnikhoorn 3287m

Paradijskam 3268m

Ridderkop 3256m

Sint Maria van Karm 3223m

Flitshoorn 3206m

Vuurkogel 3203m

Groenhoorn 3201m

Zwartdek 3198m

Ringelkogel 3196m

Hovelingenpashoorn 3189m

Vinger 3186m

Lomhoorn 3123m

Lage Misthoorn 3118m

Grijshoorn 3089m

Geelspits 3069m

Mijnspits 3059m

Regenhoorn 3058m

Sluierkam 3055m

Sneeuwkam 3041m

Glathoogte 3012m

Godfriedhoorn 3007m

Lage Eikenhoorn 3006m

Lage Frater 2987m

Sint Joosthoorn 2978m

Zwartrots 2969m

Goudvinger 2962m

Goudkam 2953m

Lentespeer 2946m

Meerhoorn 2936m

Wolkhoorn 2911m

Abthoorn 2897m

Schrede 2865m

Straalkam 2847m

Sint Catharina 2846m

Droghoorn 2841m

Kraal 2786m

Geitenspits 2769m

Haas 2754m

Grootmoederhoorn 2745m

Dennenspits 2742m

Voorpiek 2701m

Grootvaderspits 2692m

Withoorn 2688m

Heilig Hart 2675m

Valkenhoorn 2672m

Poortwachter 2668m

Scheenspits 2654m

Maarschalkkam 2652m

Sperhoorn 2646m

Hermeneutenrots 2618m

Vogelkop 2612m

Dalspits 2612m

Wespenpiek 2611m

Frederik de Grote 2608m

Hoogzicht 2604m

Losserkam 2601m

Roofkam 2598m

Voorgrindrots 2569m

Hoornkop 2563m

Voerspits 2546m

Ruiterspits 2523m

Distelhoorn 2512m

Achtergrindrots 2508m

Sint Poolhoogte 2501m

Passpits 2498m

Thibauthoorn 2492m

Waerderhoorn 2489m

Boskam 2468

Deltaspits 2468m

Westkogel 2468m

Tussenkam 2454m

Doldenhoorn 2444m

Naderspits 2442m

Regio specifiek


Acarius Voperus

Andries Theunis Fedeen

Clara van de Voorden

Cornelis Janssen

Hein van Zwellenbosch

Joost Nold

Karel van Natendorp

Lucas Estenijn

Machteld Bunten

Melis Jan Düren

Nannink Warein

Wilhelm von Kreuzenbach