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The Surian Confederation (Suria) is a territory in central Uletha and a collaborative project on a national scale. It consists of 11 confederative units (republics) with high autonomy. However, have in mind that Suria is a confederation and Surian republics are not independent.

To join a project, contact stjur, the admin for West Uletha and the coordinator of project. To learn more about the project and the general vision, you can also contact user ante44.

Ideas and rules

Currently, out of 11 republics, 5 are available for claiming and one for participating in republic collaboration. Zheleznya, the capital city, is a collaborative project as well, despite being the part of available Sur Republic. It is currently being developed by users ante44 and sudo90. Being a planned city, it requires coordination and mutual agreement, so please, refrain from unilateral editing before contacting aforementioned users.

Republic Status Owner/Coordinator Mapping inspiration and culture elements Area on OGF
Sur available none parts of Russia UL16a
Chara collaborative stjur southern Russia UL16b
Lido owned sudo90 St. Petersburg area with Western European influence UL16c
Marv available none Central Asian and Turkic elements UL16d
Livadia available none Central Asian and Turkic elements UL16e
Karzalia owned thermo_nuclear Russian and Turkic elements UL16f
Chobouk available none Russian and Turkic elements UL16g
Tabriz available none Turkic elements UL16h
Bardash owned ante44 South Slavic conlang and Russian elements UL16i
West Kartlegia owned stjur Georgia UL16k
11th republic reserved none

Before joining, few things you should have in mind regarding the lore of country:

  • Suria is a socialist country with semi-planned economy. The planning degree can vary between republics, thence decentralized from national level (it is the subject of internal republic affairs). You should adapt your mapping and develop your lore and ideas in this direction.
  • Although not a direct copy, the Surian Confederation is highly inspired by the Soviet Union, with some major differences:
    • Surian republics are more autonomous than the republics and territorial units of ex-USSR. This means that each republic has its own government, ministries and sub-republic administrative units. However, the army and foreign affairs are coordinated on national level.
    • Suria is less totalitarian and authoritarian than ex-USSR. It is democratic to some extent: there is an election system strongly favorizing different socialist parties. Each republic can have distinct socialist parties or regional branches of different parties on a national level. The business in general is also somewhat less supervised and centralized than in the USSR. For example, some important industry will be controlled by the central government, but small business and retailers will be subject of regulated, but liberalized socialist market principles.
    • Local cultures other than Surian (Russian) are not repressed, especially constitutive republic nations (other Slavic nations, Turkic nations). Republics can not be overpowered; the concept of confederation implies joint decision-making and the vote equality of every constitutive republic. Nevertheless, Surian culture is major one and dominant, with Surian (Russian) language acting as lingua franca of the country.
  • You could loosely imagine the Surian Confederation as the vision of the Soviet Union in modern times if it had not dissolved. Again, please refrain from any direct copying from real world.

Urban mapping style mostly resembles old Eastern European or Central Asian forts and towns, blended with Soviet-styled mapping in 20th century and contemporary time. Rural areas are diverse and represent various regions of ex-Soviet Union. For general plans regarding climate and geography, or peculiarities of certain region, feel free to contact coordinators or republic owners.