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AN100, Godotvia

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AN-100 Is a mostly hilly Island with a few small mountains in the north where there are some untapped natural resources. There will be a a few lakes and rivers running through the Island from north to south. There will be a large grassland towards the north central area called the "Great Endicott Plain". The climate zone will be pretty much the same everywhere except a little cooler in the higher elevations areas.

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One large city and a few smaller cities will be places along the coastal areas with a few smaller towns and solid amount of rural areas. There will be a national highway system with some smaller roads as well linking towns. The capital will be one of the smaller cities on the Western Coast while the largest city will be the oldest city on the Eastern coast.

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The culture is that of a semi isolated Island nation with a few million people. A solid amount of these people will be concentrated into cities and the rest will be scattered around the countryside. This will be an Ingerish speaking country that experienced mild colonialism. However it remaining isolated for a while meant it took a while to fully become developed until relatively recently. It won't be a third world country but it may not be as fully developed as the FSA or Ardencia

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FSA, Drull, Ardencia

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The Torontarian


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I have mapped a sketch of this a while ago because the concept of this Island nation is actually the setting to a book that I wrote. I thought it would be cool to then go on and map in in OGF world. if there are any clarifying questions that need to be asked please let me know

- The Torontarian 10/13/2022

  • Just wanted to verify: is this a request for a second territory, or is this intended to be a territory swap for AR120-05? --TheMayor (talk) 16:39, 13 October 2022 (UTC)
  • Hi, could you please provide a sketch (or sketches) for your plan and links to your past mapping which showcase your skills? Please sign/timestamp your comments. Many Thanks, --Aiki (talk) 16:46, 13 October 2022 (UTC)

- Hello here is the link for a sketch I made. This can be either a second territory if that is allowed which is what I would most prefer as I wish to also continue some FSA mapping or if need be this can be a swap.

-The Torontarian (21:46 Central Standard Time United States 10/13/2022)

Thank you for the sketch. Though it's a bit blurry, combined with your request it's understandable.

A few comments and questions:

  • For signing, please refer to the Mediawiki Help.
  • If accepted, the request would be a swap of territory.
  • Would it be possible that the small mountains you mention be aligned with the range located in Freedimia and the alignment of islands? The exact location on AN100 island would be up to you.
  • What do you mean by mild colonialism? It's not intended as a political question but a question on the impact on mapping (and local culture). Do you intend to have some pre-colonial substrate like eastern Freedimia or part of San Marcos do?
  • AN100 is located in the Tropics, in a semi-enclosed sea. Though not a 100% true parallel, it may be similar, in terms of climate, to northern Mozambique, part of Queensland, Rio/São Paulo region in Brazil or Cuba/Florida/Bahamas for the northern Hemisphere. That means that you're likely to have rainy hot summers (Dec-Mar), probably with rains, prevailing winds and main sea currents coming from the NE, and "dryer" mild winters. This means that it's unlikely you have just "a few lakes and rivers". I suppose higher elevations, though mildly cooler if we keep the "small mountains" idea, would be rainier and probably covered with thick forests. Nonetheless, tea cultivation is, for example, perfectly adapted for this kind of terrain if your wish to. For lower areas, have a look at similarly located areas to see how natural or human-related (e.g. fields) features look like on the map. You also have some pictures on the Antarephia page that may help you visualise.
  • In terms of area, AN100 island is 10,107km2 (or 3,902 sq mi), a bit smaller than Jamaica but still in the same range. --Aiki (talk) 12:39, 15 October 2022 (UTC)

- Hi sorry I was travelling over the weekend and wasn't on my computer at all. It would be possible to somewhat align the mountains for accuracy purposes ti the ones in the region. I figured it was a tropical region so this would mean an abundance of lakes, rivers, streams, and various hydrology. I am okay with a territory swap. When it comes to colonialism I mean there was Ingerish settlement in the area which eventually became the larger dominant linguistic culture therefore making it an Ingerish speaking country. Yes the mountains would be similar to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica or Massif Nord in Haiti. I will take a glance at regional farm mapping as to accurately reciprocate it into the new territory. --The Torontarian (talk) 11:25 16th October 2022 (UTC)

Thank you for your reply. In addition to the territory relation, please find here the relations for land area and for the mainland (so far, same members as there is just a single island).--Aiki (talk) 20:17, 16 October 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
AN100 is yours in exchange of AR120-05
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