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AN134h - Tamor (Move from AN152f - Fiskland)

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The country will be mostly flat, some low hills are gonna be present in the central border with AN134g. A river will be present in the small valley created by those hills which will end on the bay.

The climate will be humid, hot in summer and cool/comfort in winter, rainfalls spread through all year with powerful thunderstorms during summer, possibility of hurricanes and extremely rare snowfalls.

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Economy: the economy of the country is based on secondary (pharmaceutic, glass industry…) and tertiary (mainly tourism) sectors, even if the primary (especially agricolture, oranges, olive oil, lemons…) sector is well developed and spread in the territory. Tourism is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas thanks to its beaches and quality of the services (such as public transport, resorts and sea safety). The economy is a “welfare capitalist economy”

Political institutions: the country just voted to pass from a constitutional monarchy to a semi-presidential form of government (something like France), and this created institutional and social tension throughout all the country. There are two chambers: the lower (chamber of deputies) and the higher chamber (senate).

City planning: due to the effects of the colonialism by ingerish and Castelláns the mapping style is influenced by them. The influence of the Ingerland mapping style (comparable to the irl UK) is more marked in the west of the country, while the influence of the Castelláns (comparable to the south european/mediterranean style) is more marked in the East of the country, where that long peninsula is located.

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The history is based on colonialism, foreign powers were present on the territory until mid 19th century, where they left the territory due to the violent tensions. After the declaration of independence, the social and political unrest made a person take the power, which then revealed to be a dictator. This authoritarian status continued until around 1930 when the son took his place and slowly democratised the country, instituting a constitutional monarchy and a two-chamber parliament. In 2018 the king has been accused of corruption and further investigation confirmed that his family was involved as well. After this event, thousand of people, especially youths, joined in the “Anti-Monarchy movement” which aimed to dismiss the figure of the monarch and create the figure of a president, elected by the population. This movement made hundred of protests throughout the country, some of which created violent crashes between the “pro-monarchists”. The tensions continued until summer 2021 when the parliament voted for a decree to vote between monarchy and semi-presidentialism. The votes in favour of the semi-presidentialism overcame the ones in favour of the monarchy. This result made several and often violent protests from the “pro-monarchy” movement, which are continuing nowadays.

The language is holmic-based, more influence of Ingerish in the west area, especially in the big and important cities.

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~~~Ciaosamuu 12:58 (UTC), 11 August 2022

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Hi Ciaosamuu,

Thank you for your application. Please consider the size of AN134h when planning the mapping and actually mapping it.

Happy mapping. --Aiki (talk) 16:06, 11 August 2022 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
AN134h is yours in exchange of AN152f. --Aiki (talk) 16:06, 11 August 2022 (UTC)
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