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AN152f - Fiskland (From “Fiskare”, “Fisher” in Swedish and “Land”)


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Topography: Plain in the south and central part of the coast, next to the border with Kwelede-peir and next to the South Antarephian Lake as well. Mountainous in the area around the border with Yersinian and hilly in the majority of the other areas. A main river with many branches should run through the central part.

Climate: Kinda cold climate on the coast (around 16°C/12°C in summer, 0°/-5°C in winter, similar to Oslo). Very cold climate in the inner part (around 5°C in summer, freezing in winter, similar to Longyearbyen).

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Cities and Towns: The capital city should be in the coastal area, which is where most of the inhabitants live. Some important towns should be in the inner area of the country, next to the border with “Kwelede-peir”, with “AN153” and next to the “South Antharephian Lake”. The important towns should have an european-style, at least their historical centres, the other small towns mostly could have an icelandic and a eco style.

Economy: The economy of the country should rely on industries, energy, petroleum, fish products, medicine production… The economy should be a market-based economy with government intervention. The government should own important sectors like water and energy production and other industries.

Political Institutions: The society should be mostly a social democratic/liberal one, so these should be the government parties and the most popular ones. The country should have a one-chamber parliament with the legislative power, prime minister and a government with esecutive powers and the president of the country which doesn’t really have any power but is a representative person which represent the country toward the other countries.

Infrastructures and transports: The infrastructures and transits should be on a northern european style, with many bike lanes and encourage to use public transports (buses, trams and trains). The main airport should be the one located in the capital city and another one placed in the inner part of the country. Trains should be an important infrastructure for passengers and freight and should be connected with the rest of the continent. Seaports are important for the country and its economy, the biggest one should be few kms from the capital city, connected to highways and the railroad network. The government should own the local transits and the national railway operators.

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The History is based on a community of fishers that grew over time. Civil wars should be part of the history as well, especially during colonial era and the 20th century due to different religions, cultures and ethnic families living together in the country. The Culture should be mixed, a more “simple way of living” should be the founding in the inner-part society, the less developed one, while a “city life” lifestyle should be spread on the coast and neighbour areas. The language is based on the germanic languages, more specifically similar to Swedish and Danish but with much of English in it.

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I've started to work OGFmapicon.png Rive du Lac for some weeks this summer, then with the beginning of the school and personal issues I had to stop. However some days ago I started back mapping for many hours I day and I've tried updated Rive du Lac and the neighbour area, even if they didn't turn out really good.

OGFmapicon.png Château of Verseau is a small medieval village I made in these days, which should represent my capacities.

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Ciaosamuu (talk) 08:54, 20 May 2022 (UTC)

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Hi Ciaosamuu, Thank you for the detailed request and links to your past mapping. I have the following remarks/questions:

  • Physical geography: Longyearbyen is very high-latitude located (~80°N), whereas here, the southernmost tip of AN152f is 57°S - the equivalent of Gothenburg,Sweden region (and more or less the same orientation, west side of a continent). You would have extensive woods if you choose to, but I doubt the land would be covered in ice and polar bears.
  • History & culture: is it possible for you to tone down the Ulethan influence in your project and enhance the indigenous aspects? I am more referring to the language you would elect for the mapping (or name your country) than for the actual culture. Territories "around" AN152f are mostly mapped entirely or partially in a colang: Kwelede-peir, Yersinia (no-RW names), Kalisanjo...
  • Pay attention to scale (either on iD browser editor or JOSM) when mapping: Some buildings are a bit too small.

For additional general guidelines on Antarephia, you may have a look at this page. --Aiki (talk) 16:37, 20 May 2022 (UTC)

I don't really know if this is the way to answer, but first of all I want to share my gratitude for your fast answer.

  • True, you're right xD. Maybe I took the definition of "this is a cold territory", that appears on the territories map, too extremely. At this point I could make it more or less like Sweden/Denmark. I looked at the wiki page of the continent and I saw that my territory is Temperate in the Western part, so I think It should work, also taking in consideration that the southernmost point is equivalent to Gothenburg.
  • Absolutely yes! I was completely lost when it came to write about history because in the wiki page of the neighbour countries there weren't many things about history, so I stayed a little bit vague in order to directly ask to the creators of the other countries what's the history of their land in order to make a more detailed and realistic one for my Fiskland.
  • As I was mapping in a french-based area, I tried to inspire myself with some towns from Italy (which is where I live and I think the building style between France and Italy is pretty similar). Especially Château of Verseau is inspired from a small village in my region, called "Venzone" which I visited. I had the "measurement window" opened all the time, to check the area of the buildings. I live in a singular house so I took mine as reference and I tried to stay, when possible, at least at 50mq². Obviously I'd start to look more at north european building measure as that'd the theme of the territory..

Anyway thank you so much for the guidelines, yesterday I tried to search at something like that but anything I found were countries in the continent. ~~~~Ciaosamuu May 20 2022, 17:28 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
AN152f is yours. Please liaise with your direct or almost direct neighbours for History/cultural aspects & cross-border mapping. --Aiki (talk) 08:32, 21 May 2022 (UTC)
As you develop your territory, be sure to keep it realistic. Here are some resources you may find useful for starting out: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and OpenGeofiction:Site policies