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AR021 - Mesalia BG30

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The country has a tropical coastline in some areas, while others are just lush grass. As you go 30 - 60 km inland it soon transitions to Mallee plains (scrubby bushes and gum tree). Most of the country's terrain is low-lying and flat, especially around the river delta. Summers have a high of 36 - 44 degrees Celsius, similar to in Australia.

The country has a major mountain range in the East, which is where the capital (but not largest city) will be. The desert (more an outback of empty scrub plain) is rich in minerals but lacks water and was not survivable by the inital settlers.

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The GDP per capita will be $51,800 USD. (2020)

People will be located in 3 major cities, with populations of 2m, 1m, and 360k respectively. The capital has 360k people and is inland nestled between mountainous terrain. This is north of the desert, and this is where most major towns will be. A freeway will be constructed for the first 68 km between the two largest cities, but then narrow down to single-lane highway with overtaking lanes every 5 km. The other motorways will be located within cities, not through the country.

Desert towns will not be self sufficient. Any town within the desert will be very small in size and the southern desert will be sparsely populated. It will consist mostly of mine sites, and cattle stations. The roads will be minor and unpaved out there, linking tiny towns with large distances between them.

98.8% of the population will descend from immigrants from Ingerland while 1.2% of the population will be indigenous. The population will be around 6 million. The cities will have rich and poor suburbs.

The land was occupied by Ingerland until 1902 when independence occurred. Reconciliation efforts for indigenous peoples started to pick up around the 1970s.

Mapping style will be mostly car-centric sprawl except for the inner part of cities. Passenger services between the 2 largest cities on a train will be offered twice a week each way, with high ticket prices of $120 per person. This makes planes the most common method of going between the cities. A metro system will exist in cities, however. There will be a cycling town in the west near the border.

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In 1790, convicts from Ingerland were sent to work here. Free settlers were placed in the second most populous city, while the most populous city became land used for farming based around the Old [City name] Prison Camp. Which will be a historical site in the new city which runs tours. Later, free settlers explore more of the land and survey borders, as well as discover mineral. Several sites are established and the gold rush brings in workers from around the globe, many rush to Calkarra, an inland mine site and now an outback town of 24,000 people which had a population of 54,000 at its peak. Railway is later built to transport goods to the second largest city. Then tracks form, which eventually turns into the Eureka Highway in 1946. At this point the second largest city's port facility becomes massive.

In the largest city, in 1875, rail links get constructed to transport workers. Eventually this becomes another highway when cars come along which is a dual carriageway for most of the distance. The largest city has its farms built on so farms expand outwards. After the gold rush, a lot of population is lost from the mines and people move back to their home country, or thanks to the new railway are given the option to move to a city. The convicts are now a couple of generations removed and due to the multicultural nature of the largest city, 3/4 of the people who stay in the country move to this city due to their own nationality having a strong community, increasing its population by 75,000 around the end of the gold rush as 110,000 miners leave the mines. Jobs in the farming industry also were more in demand, which caused more people to move to the largest city. The second largest city, as a mineral port, no longer saw the same amount of throughput. However it became home to a world renowned university, which brings in international students.

In 1902, Ingerland released Mesalia as a free country. After ongoing debates on which city would become capital, Gurra was chosen in the mountains as a site to build a planned city. This became a city of 360,000, with Parliament House.

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I made the country of Oketia previously on OpenGeoFiction, which is now withdrawn. However, now I have worked on a small town, Kintinna, which is based on Whyalla, South Australia. I have done a lot of this in ID, but JOSM was used for the road network and I am experienced in JOSM, so I have used it quite a lot especially on my Arhet projects.

You can see how it ties in with Whyalla through Iron Duke, which is based on Iron Knob (The mine which supplies the Whyalla Steelworks) except on a smaller scale.

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AustinofOketia (talk) 12:50, 6 September 2022 (UTC)

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  • I see a lot of parallels to Australia in this application. Have you considered joining Deodeca? While the vacant provinces would have far more temperate climates since they're further south, the project as a whole is inspired by a Canadian/Australian hybrid model and the more developed areas you're envisioning would likely fit right in with the larger theme of the project. Provinceowners are encouraged to work together and collaborate on plans for the nation as a whole, but have significant amounts of autonomy regarding their own province. Several provinces are available, but you may be particularly interested in AR060-10 or AR060-11. I'm happy to provide you with more information if you're interested. -TheMayor (talk) 02:11, 7 September 2022 (UTC)
  • I have taken a look at the territories and the greater nation seems quite inconsistent, and not quite the climate I am looking for. I would like to develop a country from scratch. My project may include other members, hopefully collaborating with my neighbours if it is possible. This territory will be very related to Australia however Deodeca seems very canadian inspired with too much infrastructure for my theme. I hope to edit in my own territory. Thank you

AustinofOketia (talk) 09:18, 7 September 2022 (UTC)

  • Ok - before this can be approved you're going to have to demonstrate more mapping consistent with the themes you mention above, especially the more rural aspect. Would you like your own BG territory to do that mapping in? Once approved the mapping can be moved. Also a future application will need a sketch map. Thanks/wangi (talk) 11:43, 8 September 2022 (UTC)
  • Yes, I would like a BG territory for now. Thank you AustinofOketia (talk) 04:22, 9 September 2022 (UTC)
    • Ok, I'll assign BG30 later on, unless you have a preference. wangi (talk) 07:49, 9 September 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Beginner territory BG30 assigned, non-canon. /wangi (talk) 20:22, 11 September 2022 (UTC)
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