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AR019 - Republic of Morgana

AR029 - Republic of Cambria

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Republic of Cambria is located nothwest of Mecyna, west Kalango and south of the Commonwealth of Central Archanta. The Republic of Cambria has a tropical climate in most of the country. In the South of the Country it is mostly Jungle with nice sandy beaches. In the northern part of the country it is jungle as well with rich rivers and lots of Gold. In the middle is a desert with several mountains that contains natural springs that rivers that branch into Cambria, Mecyna and Kalango. The clime is warm except for the mountains.

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The Republic of Cambria or Cambria has population concentrated mainly in the Northern portion of the country. The Southernmost portions of the country has more rural population. There is a state called Timbor Peninsula that borders the at the State of Alormen Province at the horn of the Peninsula. There is a large population on the coast and villas in the mountains of the Timbor Peninsula being a former independent state prior to joining the Republic of Cambria. The Republic of Cambria is a representative Republic that has 8 States that have their own governors (Timbor Peninsula has a Tribal Chief). The Republic has a strong economy with it's GDP little be smaller than that of Mecyna. It's main export is gold from the Timbor Peninsula. Salt mining, textiles and computer technologies are also large industries. Lagar Aviations form Goshen Shores, Meycna has a presence in Leandra building wide body planes. Space Exploration has always been apart of the economy as many other nations rely of Cambria to launch people to space. The government is headed by a President and the Legislature is bicameral. The upper body is called the Council of Elders which is represented by two per state and the lower body is the Legislative Clergy which is determined by an average population. The Judicial system is handled by circuit courts with a Supreme Court in the capital Leandra. Infrastructure is strong in the country where the Main Highways connect major cites and state highways connect to other areas.

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Native Anchartans have built small settlements here the largest group settlement being the Timborian Tribe. Ingerish missionaries came to Cambria in the 16th century and began to built missions around different areas and brought revivals to the local tribes. The local tribes accepted the missionaries and helped build cities such as Leandra and Blissful. Meanwhile in the Timbor region the Iondàlban Company began a gold mining effort and the native Timborians revolted in 1805 and begain the Independent Grand Monarchy Timbor Peninsula. Tensions began to form in the rest of the area as the Ingerland begain to impose the rules to the colonist and native Anchartans. In August 18, 1810 the Republic of Cambria was formed when famous revivalist preacher Alexander Cambri preached his famous sermon, "The Time Is Now, Let's Proclaim Our Promise". A revolt began and the Independent Republic was formed shortly after. When it was time to create a constitution, the Governing Parish (now called the Legislative Clergy), which was the governing body at the time decieded to name the new nation after the Minister Cambri. The nation grew and added mores states and created strong relations with there neighbors. The last state that was added was Timbor Peninsula in 1968 after the Adarian-Timborian war even though Timbor won they lost many people. FSA and Cambria had competing bids ho have Timbor join but FSA shortly invaded Piscipula and Timbor chose Cambria. The main language is Ingerish with some Anchartan languages widely spoken in the nation, and the State of Timbor Peninsula main language being Timborian. Although not a theocracy, Cambria has a heavily conservative religious culture and has banned things such as gambling and liquor, the only place where the culture is not as conservative is in Timbor Peninsula. Crime is very low in Cambria due to its cultural influence and most people travel to Mecyna if they want to pursue those things. The Universities are very secular and students at Cambriaian Universities agree that the education is one of the best. Like Mecyna next door Cambrians love their sports and some sports have leagues that cover both Cambria and Mecyna.

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Past Mappings are mostly in Mecyna which include:



Goshen Shores

Parts of Silversea (Dooky Chase)


Remappings of:


Sun Peninsula, Silverian Province

Sun Peninsula, Lilolandish Province

Airports in:

Baudrey City


Goshen Shores

Righteous Millennium Field in McCallin

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~~~~ Bob Lee, March 2, 2022

Bob Lee

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  • My primary concern with this application is that the GDP and planned level of development for the nation seems a bit too high for its surroundings: Mecyna (especially southern Mecyna) may have higher levels of development, but adjacent nations like the Commonwealth of Central Archanta do not. I'd be happy to suggest alternate sites that could work for you; first and foremost, how much of the geography, climate, etc. you described above are based on the location of AR019, and how much is based on what you're excited to work on as part of your nation? -TheMayor (talk) 20:58, 3 March 2022 (UTC)
I could lower the GDP to be smaller and have the Capital be a largest city and the the rest of the settlements be towns and villages. The climate and the state Timbor Peninsula is based off of location the population and the history were based off of excitement.
Although it's not available would AR029 on the south side be suitable for a larger GDP Nation?
What were your other sugestions? Unsigned comment by Bob Lee (talk).
AR029 I think would be a great option. The FSA (immediately south) and Piscipula (immediately east) are both well-developed nations, so a relatively high GDP nation here would be a good fit. If you'd like to tweak your plans above to focus on AR029, please do and I'll review the modified application. Some basic shoreline modifications without changing the existing maritime boundaries (e.g., filling in the bay near Flat Cliff) would also be possible, so keep that in mind as you update the application. Note that the existing border with the FSA should remain the same (hilly/mountainous). -TheMayor (talk) 23:56, 3 March 2022 (UTC)
I made changes to focus of AR029 is it possible to change the name from Cambria to Cambria Unsigned comment by Bob Lee (talk).
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
We'll have to work on a history that dovetails better with the current consensus of FSA history, but in the meantime I'm approving this request. More information will be sent to you via OGF message. -TheMayor (talk) 03:37, 4 March 2022 (UTC)
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