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TA032- Neulertz und Bansel (Neulertz and Bansel)

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Neulertz und Bansel is made up of four major islands, Neulertz, Eckholm, Tascht Insel, and Blansel, from northwest to southeast, forming an island chain on a shallow sea. Between the islands are smaller rock islands. Additionally the nation owns two nearby outlying islands, Pfolling and Apale, both of which are much smaller than the major islands. Most of the islands are mountainous, but Neulertz and Blansel have flat, arable land in their extremities, with rivers and lakes. Additionally, all of the islands have sections of forest, though Neulertz has more than the others, with forest around its coast and entirely on its north side. In the south of Neulertz is the Neulertz harbor, which is natural for trade with calm waters. The very north of Blansel is relatively flat and arable, though the other islands have very little potential of development. While the islands are on the same island chain as Phohensia, their terrain is significantly less hospitable and more sharp.

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The largest city is the port town of Neulertz. Smaller ports and villages nearby on the south side of Neulertz island are not frequent, but it still is the most populated area in the island chain. There are small ports in the north of Neulertz, but fewer villages. Eckholm, Tascht Insel, Pfolling, Apale, and other smaller islands are almost entirely uninhabited. Blansel's north has a few ports, including Blansel and smaller towns. Only the town of Neulertz has significant wealth due to its status as a trading port. Smaller towns are relatively poor and depend on resources transported via Neulertz, and its population lives in relative poverty. Its port cities, as a result of their previous prominence, have been developed with large roads, buildings, and dug harbors. The mapping style will be detailed in developed areas especially.

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Neulertz was founded by Kalmish traders looking for a trade route through Southern Archanta. They established it as a trade port to trade with Tarephia and Antarephia. They settled the remainder of the island and conquered the few local tribes, and then expanded into Blansel as a secondary port, which did not gain much wealth as most trading routes went more naturally through Neulertz. Eventually Kalm granted it autonomy as two protectorates as it no longer was wealthy. These two eventually united and Neulertz und Bansel. In the mean time Phohensia had established menial ports and claims over the smaller islands, though they were not under control in reality. NB sent an army to capture those islands, and after Kalm clarified that it would defend NB from attack, Phohensia ceded the islands which NB had claimed in exchange for a guarantee of no further attack. NB then, believing that oil could be found nearby to Pfolling and Apale, established control over the island, which had previously been under Terra Nulius, and ocassionally a base for pirates. The language developed and is very similar to Kalmish with small differences in dialect. Much of the culture is inherited from Kalm, though it has some unique culture.

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My past mapping:

Potong Flusstadt (german village):

Most of what would be in a box in between Sodal Oramit and Sedinosde (excluding Dvial but including all of the Sodal Oramit exclaves) (most of my experience comes from here) (urban, suburban, natural features):

The nation of Spotokan (now ceded and part of Tierra Nueva) (urban, suburban, natural features):

Vargas and various surroundings(urban, suburban):

Natural features in south of Tierra Nueva (natural features):

Some minor features in beginner territory (some urban structures for testing)

Some other things in Commonia (specifically Anlu) (urban):

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Ilthracna (talk) 21:08, 23 April 2023 (UTC)

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Hi! Thank you for your application; though given the territory's location on the eastern side of the continent (the "wrong" side for Kalmish colonizers), and also its proximity to the "old world", I wouldn't expect to see a German territory in this location. As such, I'd recommend seeking a different territory to request for. Within Tarephia, TA005 might possibly be a match for your likings, but perhaps another continent could be a better fit. I can't speak for the other admins, but the island territories in Antarephia, or one of the island nations near Suvuma might be more what you're looking for. Taka (talk) 19:39, 25 April 2023 (UTC)

Dash.svg Territory application closed
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