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UL02d Kienhafen

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The Country is made from a coast surrounding a hilly terrain which is most extreme near the western border while decreasing soon after. To the east is a large rock that forms a channel island. The terrain is mostly dry and lacks rainfall and is mostly unsuitable for farming, while the westernmost parts see more rain and are used for agriculture and livestock. There are no major rivers, while there are various small rivers running west to east. The ocean is rough and unstable to the south nearer to the ocean, while further north that is true to a smaller degree. A quick sketch that I Made:

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The country economy is mainly focused on trade due to its control of the entrance of a strait. Most of the population lives on the coast, while some live further west in the hills. The only major natural product that is produced in Kienhafen is fish, while other economic products are rarely produced. Most infrastructure is in the capital city, while other valuable coastal trading cities have recieved infrastructure. Because of the declining importance in sea travel through the strait, the economy of Kienhafen is in decline and is increasingly inable to sustain the population, leading to emigration into more abundant neighboring nations. The population is approximately 90,000 and is steadily decreasing. Mapping style: Because of the lack of size of the nation, I will focus on suburban and cities primarily, while I will mostly leave aside mostly unpopulated terrain.

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The country was founded by a Kalmish expedition to maintain control over the strait lead by Joachim Kien. A port was established which is now the capital. Slowly as the city grew in importance it became important and wealthy, growing autonomy from Kalm. Eventually as trade subsided in modern times it began to decay and has been decaying since then. The culture, while originally Kalmish, has taken Castillanese and Mazanic influences due to traders from those areas trading and living there. The official language is only Kalmish, while the language spoken in the street is a variant of Kalmish with the aforementioned influences.

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The project that I have worked the longest time on (Sodal Oramit):

An example of a small kalmish-speaking village (Potong Flussstadt):

Some others that are not related:

I also have before owned a beginner territory but I cannot show this because I ceded it.

I also have other smaller projects if you wish to see them (mostly in blue territory)

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Ilthracna (talk) 17:59, 11 August 2022 (UTC)

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  • Hey, thanks for the application and sorry for the delay. Your mapping shows potential, however to be granted a territory in West Uletha you need to show a bigger variety of mapping examples, including natural mapping (landscapes, costlines, hydrography etc.). Thanks for your understanding --Stjur (talk) 12:53, 21 August 2022 (UTC)
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