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UL27d, Federal Republic of Serthia (Råpublika Federal Ser​çia)

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Climate is steppe and a desert zone, topography & landscape is the mountains filled with glaciers, ski resorts and mountains over 1500 meters. In the southeast, a big salt lake that hasn't been dried yet named Seræt (pronounced Ser-eet) is 120 meters deep. In the north, there is a coastline touching the sea

Dark green: 0-49m

Green: 50-430m

Yellow: 431-1299m

Orange 1300-2199m

Brown: 2200-3412m

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Population of Serthia is 33.291.384, HDI is 0.892, making one of the countries with highest HDI in Uletha, happiness is 6.939, making the most happiest country in Uletha, GDP is 1.95 trillion (same as Brazil) land occupation is the capital (& the largest city) at the northern shore of the lake (Black circle is the capital), the north are port cities, the west are big cities from conurbation with 2500000 people thanks to mines, the east are cities with 30000 people. Infrastructure is mixed Europe-US style and drives on the right, They have 7 counties and a capital district The motorway network is M-XX (M-XXX for spur and loop routes), the trunk network is S-XX, the national network is N-XXXX, county-autonomy routes are XX-XXXXX and village roads are V-XXXXXX. President of Serthia is Mark Diezinger and Prime Minister of Serthia is Gerald Santini, and the Seat of Druller (Parliament of Serthia) is Dana Ralimeyer. Longest river is Alcher running from the northwest coast to the south of UL31a Road and rail map of Serthia

Purple: motorway

Red: trunk

Black: railroad

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History: 13000 BCE - Stone Age tribes arrive on southshore Lake Seræt

5000 BCE - First catacombs are built in Serthia's mountains

230 - The Wintanians are settled in Lake Seræt (now former Wintania and Rhododactylia)

500 - Seræt Empire was found

560 - Seræt Empire invades more land which is now Serthia's current land

790 - Seræt Empire renames Kingdom of Serthia

1200 - Serthia starts the 40 Years War between Reeland Kingdom (now Reeland)

1240 - 40 Years War has been ended

1500 - Wintanian slaves arrive in Serthia

1900 - Slavery is banned in Serthia

2022 - Recent presidential elections held in Serthia

The language of Serthia is Serthian, the mix of German and Middle English

Serthia is named after Serths, a Stone Age tribe situated in Lake Seræt

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Geography of Serthia in the center is mountains, in the southeast a big lake This must be the biggest lake This must be the capital This must be the conurbational area This must be seaports

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TheSeamonster (talk) 05:59, 26 December 2022 (UTC)

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Hello TheSeamonster, thank you for your interesting application. A couple of comments:

  • For "physical geography", you mention a tropical climate. Please be aware that the territory you applied for is a country with a steppe climate, bordering even a desert zone. Furthermore, glaciers would also be non-existent at this latitude. You may reference the EUC to get an overview over East Uletha's different climate zones. The salt lake would be an interesting and very realistic touch I feel however ;)
  • In the administrative map you posted, it looks like UL27d is an island. Please be aware that only the north western part is an actual coastline. Also, currently, a major river originates in UL31a, flows along UL31a's border with Reelant, then passes through UL27d and through Reelant again to finally reach the ocean. Please rework your topography and watershed concept in a way that goes together with these existing natural features, or make proposals for larger-scale changes that can be coordinated with your neighbours.
  • Most importantly: please continue practising your mapping a little more before applying for a personal territory. I see that you already have over 100 edits, however they mostly consist of very small and unconnected pieces of mapping. Consider applying for a Beginner territory! The mapping you do there can still be moved to a permanent territory later on if you want to do so in the future :)

All the best, Leowezy (talk) 14:02, 27 December 2022 (UTC)

Dash.svg Territory application closed
postponed after more mapping experience is provided, Leowezy (talk) 14:02, 27 December 2022 (UTC)