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UL29h – Republic of Canterra

Hi there! My name is Awesomeboy123 (you can call me Doggo), and I choose the name Canterra.

Canterra, is inspired by Azerbaijan as in economics, demographics and population, and some parts of geography.

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Sketch:; purple = wetlands; there are 14 states in Canterra.

Topography: Canterra is a nation located in the south part of the Lantian Peninsula, with mountains in the northeast (Pascalle Moutains) and small connected ranges in the west (Sanwood Mountains). To the north, there are islands (some small islands and 1 big island called Ikertoman Island) and the Perkontal Estuary, an estuary of 3 rivers, the biggest being the Perkia River, leading to Lake Bonneen (Teller Lake) which connects with Lake Ourtana (Doston Lake) via canal which connect to Bortham River (Doston River) that leads to Berkham Gulf. The system from the Gulf of Volta to Berkham Gulf forms the Canterra Intergulf Waterway System (CC1 for short). Another river in the Perkontal Estuary also is connected to a bay west of Fiorentia, forming the Southern Canterra Intergulf Waterway System (CC2 for short).

- Canterra is divided into 4 regions:

+ National Capital Region: Region that (as name says) has Nautecove, the capital of Canterra and the Nautecove Wetlands;

+ Northern Coast: The northern coast of Canterra, has some islands, capital is Roscal

+ Ulstbernham: Southern area of Canterra, capital is Farkernoss

+ Lord’s Isles: East coast of Canterra, previously owned by the president of Canterra, now a tourist area, capital is Mmeba

Climate: Canterra has a climate that mostly would be an arid, steppe, cold (bSk) in the Koppen Climate, and a moderate cold climate on the mountains. Canterra does get snow in the winter. When it snows, the mountains in the north and south become popular ski resort destinations. In the summer, Canterra experiences very hot summers in the lowlands, making the Lord's Isles a popular tourist destination from June - August.

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City Guide: Yellow = Capital (Nautecove)

Orange = Region Capital, also capital of states

Blue = State capitals

Black = Other big cities

Red = highway network (the main highway goes from Fiorentia to Nautecove to a town on the Gulf of Volta, middle route)

The population of Canterra is around 11.8 M. Around 60% of the population is rural, while the other 40% is urban. Most of the population speak Ingerish, however the native people of Canterra mostly speak languages called Toamai (Maori IRL) or Kukebi (Twi IRL). 70% of the population of Canterra have Ingerish roots, 25% are Native Canterran (12% Toamai, 8% Kukebi, 5% other), and 5% are from people with other roots (mostly Izaland and Westway, people from the Lantian peninsula, etc)

Canterra mostly focuses on agriculture in the plains, tourism in the east, and also some national parks in the mountain area.

Canterra has a great economy that is still rising because of tourism, agricultural exports and the Canterra Canal.

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Canterra first had natives from around the 7th century, when a group of people from modern-day Izaland migrated to west Canterra (Ezamai) and made a language called Toamai (Maori). In the 8th century, another group of people, this time from modern-day Orinoco, escaped their homeland, settled in the western islands and made another language (Kukebi, Twi IRL)to communicate. However, Canterra has it’s first Ingerish settlers around the 13th century when Ingerland colonized the Lantian peninsula and called Canterra "Dasgrundia" (from a Ingerish captain, Captain James Dasgrund). At that time, there was no option to go from the western part of the Lantian peninsula to the eastern bay, so the Ingerish had the idea to make a canal here. (this idea would not be a thing until the 19th century due to not that much funds put into Canterra) From the 14th to the late 16th century, the population here grew to around 3M people. In 1621, a man with the name of Reyes Maccarimi, a Toamaian-Ingerish became the governer of Dasgrundia, and started a revolutionary vote about the independence of Canterra in 2 cities and 183 towns located all throughout Dasgrundia. When put together, around 98% of Dasgrundia wanted independence. Thus, on the 23rd of August, 1624, Mr. Maccarimi formed the United People’s Republic of Canterra (Canterra coming from the Toamai name for the whole of Dasgrundia, Canaviva and terra, a suffix for land). After Canterra gained independence, the Ingerish still was trying to recolonize Canterra, however this stopped around the beginning of the 18th century. The war happened from 1736 to 1741 because of the native Toamaians who wanted to make a country and claiming that the government are mistreating the natives. This dispute was stopped when the government have the Toamaians 5 autonomous counties in the north. In the 19th century, the Canterra canal was built, and Canterra started to have a economic and population boom. This population boom would double the population of Canterra at the time. Canterra joined AN in 1983. From there, Canterra started becoming allies with a lot of countries worldwide, and the economy is still great from the effects of CC1 and CC2!

Canterra's main language is Ingerish, but Toamai and Kukebi are also common languages.

Canterra's culture includes very traditional long dresses (Baikenbaivol), a lot of seafood near the coast, more meat from land animals in the highland, and rice in the lowlands, just to name a few.

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Key: M = Moving to Canterra; MX = Might move to Canterra; MP = Moving part of it to Canterra

  • Comforta, a small town outside of Oriolez (MX)
  • T intersection
  • Mazmami, a walled canal city (MX)
  • Santa Mijoma and it’s new counterpart, a planned satellite town of Clark (M)
  • 3 intersections and a toll booth! (M)
  • Cat Duong and Lon No island, a tourist island, with 5 towns.
  • Hoi Sanh, a pretty big town outside Doi Bien
  • And of course, the whole of current BG21, Micriama: (MP)

I have mapped the mountains, forests, beaches, harbors and lakes on Lon No (and Cat Duong), towns, planned parts of towns and satelitte towns in Santa Mijoma, intersections and toll booths in BG, a military airbase and old fort in Hoi Sanh and farms and canal systems in Mazmami.

About Micriama, it includes a desert with a bare rock mountain range, 7 major rivers, 1 lake, 2 small hills (southeast and Large City), and a forest mountain range that's not too close to the desert (don't worry, there's another climate between the forest and the desert) in terms of terrain mapping.

In terms of settlements, I have mapped 4 settlements with roads, 11 settlements with area tags and with/without roads, 1 settlement with full buildings, and a section of Nautecove (2km south of downtown Nautecove).

And yes, I do know how to make administrative boundaries.

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Sincerely, Awesomeboy123 (talk) 03:48, 28 August 2023 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, with one caveat: please note that sector UL29 has mixed temperate, not arid climate. Leowezy (talk) 09:33, 28 August 2023 (UTC)
Note: BG21 has been marked for withdrawal, it will be marked available on 16 Sep. Thanks/wangi (talk) 10:36, 28 August 2023 (UTC)
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