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Flag of Oakley State of Oakley

Capital: Fallport
Population: 924,750 (2023)

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Location of Oakley in FSA
Constituent state of Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Capital Fallport
Largest City Fallport
Founded 1770-1800
•Total 2,573 sq mi
6,666 km2
•Water(%) TBD
• Census (2020) 365,576
• Density 142 sq mi


The name Oakley came from when the first settlers of the area on the beaches to see huge forests filled with tall oaks.



List of counties

Name County Seat Largest City Population Area Highway Code Map
Ancaster County Ancaster 44,460 247 sq mi (640 sq km) AN Oakley County Map With Ancaster County Highlighted.png
Fallport County Fallport (Capital) 166,320 640 sq mi (1,658 sq km) FP Oakley County Map With Fallport County Highlighted.png
Dunwick County Galdster Narafield 84,800 1,060 sq mi (2,746 sq km) DW Oakley County Map With Dunwick County Highlighted.png
Preshall County Preshall TBD 19,560 180 sq mi (466 sq km) PR Oakley County Map With Preshall County Highlighted.png
Dunden County Preswick TBD 18,284 177 sq mi (460 sq km) DU Oakley County Map With Dunden County Highlighted.png
Keldhey County TBD TBD 3,296 103 sq mi (269 sq km) KE Oakley County Map With Keldhey County Highlighted.png
Loxhall County Watersmeet 28,586 164 sq mi (426 sq km) LX Oakley County Map With Loxhall County Highlighted.png

List of major cities

Name Population Area County
Fallport 100,000 25 sq mi (65 sq km) Fallport County


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