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This forum is a place to get help on technical or editing issues related to mapping or the wiki. It is also a great place to request feedback from fellow mappers.
This forum is not a place to discuss global issues such as climate, topography, language, etc.
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Request help or feedback
Topic Last edit
Flag template requests01:08, 13 April 2024 by Alessa
Cycleway layer23:13, 6 March 2024 by Luciano
JOSM support might stop, or at least I think.04:37, 1 February 2024 by Lemuria
Generated Topography22:11, 23 January 2024 by Alessa
Wikipedia like maps22:04, 16 January 2024 by MiniMapper
wiki full access05:02, 30 December 2023 by Alessa
Perfect place for a Filipino-themed territory14:50, 5 August 2023 by Lemuria
Proposal for a new map20:20, 4 July 2023 by Wangi
Not sure what to think of my territory’s layout. Any feedback?00:10, 14 June 2023 by Anonymous21
Is there a way to use an image as JOSM imagery?03:45, 29 May 2023 by Anonymous21
how can i change my display name or otherwise delete my account13:42, 30 April 2023 by Alessa
OpenGeoFiction for Magical Worlds11:43, 5 April 2023 by AustinBoath
Is it ok to turn an island territory which I'll apply in future into the shape I want it to be?15:21, 3 April 2023 by Yongdinghe
Arténie mapping and advice for a future territory application21:39, 10 February 2023 by Sweetykid
How can I pull data from the map and autofill a table?02:31, 7 December 2022 by Alessa
Luciano's AMA04:34, 24 November 2022 by Luciano
JOSM - Windows Store14:32, 25 October 2022 by Wangi
Wiki editing19:03, 7 October 2022 by Alessa
No more relation-data in the backup-files?15:05, 3 October 2022 by Antoon
Can I get wiki edit access?11:05, 20 September 2022 by Wangi
Navigation / Routing Server?12:32, 17 September 2022 by Wangi
Is there a collaborative territory that drives on the left side on the road?12:04, 8 September 2022 by Alessa
How do I add a name of a suburb?15:06, 30 August 2022 by Icefur2
How do I split a line into two parts?08:36, 30 August 2022 by Taka
Placement of cities and fortification systems20:41, 12 July 2022 by TheMayor
JOSM editor22:54, 20 June 2022 by Wangi
Update to mapping of Exintor19:46, 28 April 2022 by Eshaan011
Infocard07:08, 30 March 2022 by Fayaan
Mapping of Exintor22:55, 16 March 2022 by Rustem Pasha
Vordum Sea revamp20:10, 3 March 2022 by Aiki
AN136 Split16:23, 13 February 2022 by Aiki