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AR120-87 Eola

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The State of Eola will be an overall sparsely populated mostly rural state with varying topography and landscape. The Northern coastal segments of the state that are alongside the coast that would feature a Mediterranean climate similar to that of Southern California. There would be oceanfront rocky cliffs in many places that would give way to a handful of river valleys which would be the state's primary population centres. The Archipelago of Islands would be a state park with the largest having a small airport and small town with ferry access to across the straight to which the largest city would be located. There would be two large port cities along the coast and one inland city which would be a city centred around military activity due to its location. This city would be in the desert. The Southern half of the state would be mostly desert with a river valley which would have some settlement along it. Some of the mountain areas will be home to some ski resorts as well. There will be rivers that flow from the mountains to the ocean but very few that flow into the desert. The Desert parts of the state closer to the mountains will be high desert areas (above 3000 feet) until they gradually slope downwards towards the northwestern part of the state.

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Most of the population will be settled along the coast with a small city in the centre of the desert. The mapping will be based heavily on Utah, Arizona, (and Southern California along the coast.) It will be very car dependent out side of the cities and there will be vast distances between many places. The largest city (Palm City) will be a coastal city with a metro area in the river valley that will be a large tradeport with an international airport. The medium desert city will be the state capital (Villanova) and the 3rd largest city with military ties. The other coastal city (Eola City) will be a coastal city at the end of FS-75. Eola City, Palm City, and Villanova's metro areas will have 85-90% of the states population. The state will have around 6 million people. The Palm City metro area will have 2.5 Million residents, the Eola City metro area will have 1.5 Million people in it's metro, and the Villanova Metro area will have 800 K people in it.

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The area will have had Castellanese Colonial influences in a lot of it and as westward expansion became a thing in this area, the area experienced rapid growth. The central desert was developed in particular for military installation and usage. The language is Ingerish with many Castellanese influences that are present in the culture. There is a large religious presence (Similar to Utah) and a very simple lifestyle with a much more cosmopolitain feel within the urban centres of Palm City and Eola City. The cities will be vibrant places with extensive activities and large regional culture hubs home to some universities. There will also be some agriculture in the suitable areas but it will primarily be an import based economy for basic goods and the primary economy will be driven by tourism along the coasts and mountains as well as military presence and resource extraction in the desert and mountains.

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Drull Free State, State of Olselen, Godotvia, Ardencia

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The Torontarian


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I am happy to sketch a map of proposed towns and cities. I want this territory because much of the nature already being laid out and primarily to develop around the existing nature. Additionally it would be a swap for my current one and I wouldn't need to take any current mapping.

~The Torontarian 13:14 Feb 28 2023

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I'm closing along similar lines to the past AR120-08 application. It's really not that long since both that application and the subsequent successful AN100 one - not long enough. That move had server impact, plus also time given by others to facilitate it. Since then there's really not been progress made in the natural mapping of AN100. You do need to showcase the rural mapping that a larger state would need - it's not acceptable to just rely on what a past mapper has left behind. There are also the past concerns with scale and realistic densities, and no real indication that these would not be replicated in a new state. /wangi (talk) 16:23, 1 March 2023 (UTC)
The following resources can be useful in building up mapping experience: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and also OpenGeofiction:Site policies