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BG16 - Xorda (Ingerish) Xòrdà (Xordese) С"орда (Aslian)

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Climate is arid, topography is 84% plains, 5% hills over 400m and under 700m, 11% mountains over 700m in the north

Landscape in the north is hills and mountains with the highest point in 2301m named Mount Hexol (Hexòl, Хес"ол) in the Gaxla Mountains

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The demographics are 57% Xordic, 23% Aslian, 17% Holmic 4% other ethnicities/races

Economic development in Xorda is HDI 0.788 and happiness index in 7.563

Crime rate is 1.224

Currency in Xorda is duxa (Duxa, Дус"а, D$)

Land occupation in the west is Asilian Lands in Xesli, Dasla, Felxa States

South is The Coast in Haexe, Hilus, Fixib, and Gahil (partially) States

East is New Holmia in Gaelm, Termite, Serman, Xacli (partially), and Gahil (partially) States

Central is The Hills in Fajax, Allxi, Newington, Xacli (partially) and Gahil (partially) States

North is Gaxlia in Gaxa, Hixa States

Xorda drives on the right same as the FSA and Rhodo

Infratructure is XH (Xorda Highway) trunk system same as US Highway in Xorda, IC (Intercity) high speed and toll (some) highway (motorway) system connecting cities same as Interstate in Xorda, State Routes are primary, secondary road system in any state in Xorda, County Highway is a tertiary road system in any county in any state.

Buildings in downtowns of any large city are skyscrapers over 150 meters tall

Buildings in downtowns of any city in 100-300k people are under 150 meters tall

Buildings in downtowns of any city under 100k people are under 70 meters tall

Buildings in downtowns of any town under 20k people are shops

Buildings in any part of the city except for downtowns are apartments or houses

GDP is 582 billion D$

Mapping style is US-Canada-Europe styled

Xorda drives on the right side of the road

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1000 - King Xorda founded Xorda

1039 - King Xorda resigns from Xorda, makes Xorda collapse into 2 territories, North and South Xordas

1911 - Michael Fexas' speech for uniting Xorda named "Unite the Xordas"

1913 - The North and South Xordas' government abolished and united with Xorda, making South Xorda's Prime Minister a president, and North Xorda's Chancellor a Prime Minister

1929 - The Great Xordese Revolution happened in Xorda's capital Xorda City, changed Xorda's government

1942 - Xorda City destroyed by Surian troops

1944 - Xorda City restored

1976 - Gaxa Civil War started and ended in same year

1993 - Xorda and FSA started an ally organization called The Allies of Peace

2019 - Xorda bans racism, making the first country in Beginner Territories to ban racism

The languages are English, Xordese, Aslian (official) Dellic (delśa) (north)

Culture is the same as Mayan

Flag shown here

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Rhodo, Mecyna, Tierra Nueva, Sainte-Agnès (Ardencia) and Michisaukee (FSA)

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TheSeamonster (talk) 23:13, 22 January 2023 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, with concern. You seem to not understand that Beginner territories are small, intended as an opportunity to build up mapping experience. They are not for long-term mapping and are considered "non-canon" within the OGF world. You should use this territory to build up experience, and to showcase mapping which you then cite in an application for a proper territory. Beginner territories are withdrawn if there is no real progress, or indeed, lots of progress but an intention to stay put. Thanks/wangi (talk) 09:14, 23 January 2023 (UTC)
As you develop your territory, be sure to keep it realistic. Here are some resources you may find useful for starting out: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and OpenGeofiction:Site policies