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TA340 - Torola, officially the Republic of Torola (Torolan: Rejpública dë Torola)

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Most of the western half of the country is mountainous, with a separate range running through the center of the country. The Oxeha River valley is located near the south of Torola, being a major agricultural and population center.

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Torola's main cities will be situated along the coast, with some more population centers being situated inland along the Oxeha River valley. The total population is still yet to be known, however I do intend somewhere at least around 15-20 million. The capital and largest city of Torola is Ragoha, situated along the coast at the end of the Miramer River. It has a population of about 4 million, and it's metropolitan area has a population ranging between 6-7 million.

Sketch for physical geography and locations of some major cities

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Torola was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples before it was colonized by the Castellanese and Franquese in the early 1400s. Torola gained independence in 1812, inspired by Freedemian revolutionaries almost a century earlier. Torola is now a developed nation with a good economy, mostly based on trade and manufacturing as well as tourism, services, and agriculture. It has had a stable government ever since the Torolan Revolution of 1983 where an authoritarian dictatorship was overthrown.

The primary language spoken in Torola is Torolan, a Romantish language created from the mixing of native languages with Romantish languages like Castellanese and Franquese.

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Previously, I have mapped in Yagualpan, my current territory, as well as taking part in mapping the city of Wadesburg/Icorino County in Piscipula.

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PaintedBlue (talk) 20:47, 17 February 2023 (UTC)

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  • Note: I will be trading Yagualpan for this territory due to the increased activity of others in this new region and more creative freedom. I have talked with some OGF members regarding an idea for a romance-conlang territory in Tarephia, and they suggested that I claim this territory.
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
While I personally would suggest a much lower "target" for population and general urban area size, I think overall your plans and mapping would fit the region well! Also, I'd recommned trying to fit your plans into the baseline that already exists in the territory currently, since it's not all too developed, but could be a great place to start. Taka (talk) 00:42, 26 February 2023 (UTC)
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