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Please fill in the information below to make a territory request.
Noun Project Signature icon 619326 cc.svgTerritory ID and proposed name
The Territory ID (from OpenGeofiction:Territories, e.g. AR123a) and proposed name of the country

UL14e - Sveeterlünd

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
A brief description of the territory demographics, economic development, land occupation, infrastructure and mapping style

Similar to Scandinavian countries. A colder climate in the winter months with nice bright summers. Forests surrounding the inner part of the country, a mountain range that runs through a certain part. A large River that runs through the country with settlements along it. Capital city located on the ocean, plans for the other largest city to be located further in land..

Plan to have a fairly wealthy economy in a country more developed. Focused on developing their country to their best capabilities.

One thing I am really interested in is developing the country to include various sports teams and leagues. First 2 sports to incorporate would be hockey and soccer (Football).

Noun Project languages icon 105908 cc.svgHistory & culture
A brief description of the intended culture and language

A mix of Scandinavian descent (mainly Swedish and Finnish) with a mix of other central/Eastern European countries (maybe Swiss as neighbouring countries include Swiss backgrounds). English will be the main language, with the addition of other languages (as I learn them), Swedish, Finnish etc. In a saying I have heard regarding these areas "I have never met a mean Scandinavian." I plan to keep it that way with a peaceful culture and a more of a left wing democracy.

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~~~~Doodsdood March 14 2022

Noun project 579150 Conversation.svgDiscussion
Discussion for clarification & decision

  • Hey, thanks for the request. Unfortunately your current mapping is not enough to request a territory in West Uletha. Please make sure you read and understand the requirements for the continents you're interested in: OpenGeofiction:Territory application. --Stjur (talk) 21:07, 16 March 2022 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
Request incomplete --Stjur (talk) 21:07, 16 March 2022 (UTC)
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