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  • Talk page (if this wiki allows them)
  • MKH1020 on Discord (I'm on both the OSM and OGFC discords)

Activity Table

Active? Situation Territory Date Details
N Mapper Unknown Flag.png NUPDZ June 2022 - June 2022 The start of my mapping, learning JOSM and such. Mostly the East Hills area in Example City
Y Hostee UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia July 2022 -- Hostee under User:Mie, core edits in Zadorož, but many around the country.
Y Guest Flag of Suria.png Suria - Lido August 2023 -- Work with User:Sudo91 and User:Thermo nuclear.


As of August 2023, hoping to increase activity in the republic and help to bring it to current mapping standard and better regional integration.

Extraneous Edits

Edits made under one-time permissions outside of what's listed on the spreadsheet above.

Edit Territory Date What
1310393 BNV flag.png Banuvia 07.JUL.2023 GD Embassy
1310396 BNV flag.png Banuvia 07.JUL.2023 hotfix
1324695 Ogesten 31.AUG.2023 hotfix
1324774 BNV flag.png Banuvia 31.AUG.2023 Sinihorski
1324780 BNV flag.png Banuvia 31.AUG.2023 Sinihorski again
1348127 BNV flag.png Banuvia 24.NOV.2023 Sinihorski once again