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UL27b - Karva

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The geography of Karva is more temperate.


Mainland: The Mainland is more hilly and has many forests and also has a mountain running through the middle north/south.

Island: The Island has a volcano on the north end that is now inactive. It averages height about 50-100ft above sea level almost everywhere else.

Temperatures: Karva's temperature usually stays around 75-80℉ in the summer and 20-30℉ in the winter.

Link for the maps geography and city placement here. green is mountains then the main roads are there as that sort of purple (the island road will be a highway due to its size) and grey/residential is a city.

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Government (brief description): The government has two leaders called "Consuls" and they both manage the whole nation but stay more focused on their part of the nation. One will manage the island more than the mainland and vice versa.

Population: Karva's population goes about 75/25. Being that (rounding to the nearest 25th) 75% of the populations lives on the mainland and 25% lives on the island. It's will be around 2-2.5 million people in total. The mainland capital will have 600k in its metro and the island capital will have about 60-80k metro population. The mainland is home to many factories on the shore and more farms on the other end of the mountain and the island. The island also has quite a few tourist destinations located on it.

The nations main industry is Manufacturing on the mainland shoreline, mines on the mainland mountain, Agriculture on the east valley and the island, and tourism on the island.

Most of the population is a mix of Ingrish and Karvo.


I have thought of a group called the "Karvan Micronation Society" which is funded by the government and (might be) owned my the government. It would buy or be given plots where then people could buy the land then call it their own micronation. There would not be many. The main thing though that I am asking is that could I use the nation admin level or do I use a different one? Like 9 or 10? instead of 2.

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This will be a basic description of the history of Karva.

About 1000-1200 is when people start to hear of this tribe on an island in the south part of the Kaspen Sea

1400: Ingrish settlers find and colonize the mainland and a little later they colonize the island. Also the first book was made about the tribe there. Sentence from the book: "We do not know where this tribe came from but what we do know is it was on a island for most of its time and it just recently made it's way to the mainland. They also appear to have a language similar to Ingrish with a few differences."

1400-1500: The Ingrish start to make ties with the Karvo and start to live together.

1500: The Karvo tribe starts to move closer to the Ingrish seeing that they could be stronger if the work together.

1550: The Karvo start to live in the same cities as the Ingrish.

1600: The Karvo tribe starts to fade out and most start to be Ingrish and live like Ingrish.

1700: After the Karvo turn into Ingrish they all start thinking about becoming their own nation

1708: Karva becomes a nation. And they also make Berbest and Casswick The two capitals. (Berbest is mainland and Casswick is island)

Not much happens for the next couple years. there was no new creation or war or anything.

1950: A person near the east border wanted a government where he was in charge so what he did it tried to rally up as many as he could (about 6k) and they tried to start a civil war. They lost is a week. But at the time the nation was become I popular tourist destination and he had successfully made thousands not go, making the island have a year with a loss in profit of an estimated 3-6M (USD for ease).

1951: The nation starts to slowly get more tourists again.

1964: The mainland really starts to take off in manufactured goods causing an economic boom

1968: The nation gets a little more attention in the tourism scene. Not much, but, it still it making a lot off it on the island.

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Navana & Castel (Castel is still getting work every so often)

(I will add more as I do more)

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MiniMapper (talk) 02:25, 20 October 2023 (UTC)

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  • Dear MiniMapper, thank you very much for your thoughtful submission. Here are some comments:
    • The climate proposal is accurate, as is the macro plan for the small nation regarding its human geography.
    • The historic timeline is a great start. As you might have noticed, most territories on the East Ulethan part of the Kaspen Sea are currently under a German colonial theme, as opposed to Ingerish influence. How would you justify this small Ingerish presence? See also the East-Uletha-Concept
    • What language do/did the Karvo people speak? What language would Karva be mapped in?
    • On a similar note, did you also consider territories in Archanta, where there is more Ingerish colonial influence? If you are looking for a comparatively small territory with an island + small mainland section setup, I'm sure that could be arranged principally even if such a territory does not exist yet.
    • Your idea about micronations inside your territory would need further discussing with the admin team; my provisional answer would be that that should be generally possible, but that it would probably be best to mark the borders using admin-level=3 and to think about giving it some kind of official collab status as well.

Best, Leowezy (talk) 16:09, 23 October 2023 (UTC)

Thank you for the feedback Leowezy!

I did notice that most of the area was more germen themed. Most of the reason why I picked UL27b is due to its location. The whole idea with it being almost two separate areas was so cool and would be fun to almost have the government ran by two. And for the language the Karvo speak I was thinking for ease that their language with be quite similar to Ingrish.

Archanta sounds like a good place to map with how built up it is but I saw the territories as just too large and I did not know if I would be able to make a territory request that also splits a territory and adds a new land mass for the island. If it is possible to move to somewhere more like South Archanta that would be awesome.

And if the micronations idea will not be able to work out that's all fine.

Thanks for the response, MiniMapper (talk) 01:59, 24 October 2023 (UTC)

Regarding the "micronations" in the territory, OSM has Molossia tagged as a theme park. And OSM has alt_name=Liberland for Liberland (Wikipedia article on Liberland). Lemuria (talk) 17:40, 24 October 2023 (UTC)
Thanks for some ideas for tagging them as if I do that Lemuria. MiniMapper (talk) 23:56, 24 October 2023 (UTC)

Hi MiniMapper,

Would you be interested in a 2 or 3-island territory in the Strait of Lyc instead? Though not micronations, these territories may count as microstates due to their size. Some of the tropical territories in the region have been colonised by Ingerish, Castellanese or Franquese, while others have maintained their independence or thick indigenous substrate. The actual mixture proportions are up to the territory owner.
The territories on "offer" are:

Let us know what you think. --Aiki (talk) 11:32, 29 October 2023 (UTC)

Thanks for the ideas. And I do want to say I was not going for a Micronation I was saying they could be in the nation. I do find the idea of an island less appealing. In fact that was the reason why I did not go for the territory of AN118. My goal was a more industrial nation on the mainland of a continent. I would also prefer the island due to me liking the idea of it being split. An idea I had was the territory of AR022b. But not the whole thing due to its size but only the south part and neither an island. I just felt like it was a little to big and would be rejected due to me not have all the many edits. I feel like if I were to do the south part of AR022b its history would make more sense.

Thank you for all the ideas MiniMapper (talk) 00:50, 30 October 2023 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, transferred ownership over UL27b, Leowezy (talk) 17:12, 31 October 2023 (UTC)
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