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Hello, fellow mappers!

There are some exciting things happening in West Uletha that we as the admin team want you to know about. You may have noticed some changes, and we wanted to fill you in.

First, we wish to honor and thank Stjur for his diligent service as regional administrator for the last few years. Bixelkoven has joined the administrative team and will be co-managing West Uletha with me (Alessa). We're glad to have him on the admin team.


Our newest collaborative project on the site is Ingerland. Applications for regions of the country are open starting today. There will also be two regions set aside as "purple" to be open collaboratives for you to take part in as you see fit. If you are interested in the project, you can read up on the collab coordination page and participate in the ongoing discussion. We are looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds.

Existing collaborative territories

The Surian Confederation continues to have availability to claim a territory. This may be particularly interesting for those who wish to map in Russian or Soviet-inspired themes. Additional territories exist adjacent to Suria to the southwest that may accommodate Central Asian themes, as well. The main "Sur" homeland is a 'purple' territory, so you are welcome to contact Bixelkoven about mapping here on a short-term basis, if you don't want to request a new territory.

Plevia (Italian-themed) and Lentia (Netherlands-themed) both continue to go strong with a core group of mappers. As purple territories, you are welcome to contact Izaland Terramorphing Committee (Plevia) and Squizie3 (Lentia) to get involved. These territories may look developed, but there are opportunities for all types of mapping from macro to micro available.

Castellán (Spanish-themed) and Kalkara (Maltese-themed) have a lot of opportunities for individuals to help build a territory "from the ground up." There are areas to work on natural mapping as well as opportunities to start mapping cities and towns and even lore development. Contact Martinawa for Castellán information; for Kalkara, contact Alessa or KAB to get involved.

If you're looking for something less Western European, Mazan (Middle East-themed), Malesoria (Albanian-themed), and Zalivnia (Serbian-themed) provide additional opportunities to map in different themes. Reach out to Aad (Mazan), ante44 (Malesoria), or Nikola (Zalivnia) to take part in those projects.

Upcoming changes

Although we have a ton of collaborative territories, there has been expressed demand for a couple others to provide distinct themes for our users. Future planned collaboratives include a Portuguese-themed collaborative (Florescenta), a Polish-themed collaborative (Lechia), and French-themed collaborative ("Franqueterre" is present working name). If you are interested in helping to get these projects launched sometime in the future, please contact one of the regional admin (Alessa or Bixelkoven). At present, there is no timetable for their launch.

Have a wonderful day. Happy mapping! — Alessa (talk) 16:44, 1 May 2023 (UTC)