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To discuss about the country, go to the forum discussion thread.

This is the main page for reference on collaborative guidelines towards the territory of Castellán.

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Castellán is the motherland of the Castellanese Language, which corresponds to real life Spanish. All mapping (taking away certain place names that might have foreign etymologies), is going to be made in Spanish, in all the territory of Castellán. Think about it more like the birthplace of the Spanish language rather than 'OGF:Spain'.

This territory was previously an owned territory by a single user, which means the country won't start anew. Despite that, the first stage of the collaboration will involve cleanup of the country, given many places are too similar to their counterparts in Spain. The goal of Castellán is to bring an original, but representative motherland for all Spanish-speaking cultures in the map, that represents the culture of the Spanish-speaking region, allowing for significant creativity from the contributors.


The coordinators of Castellán are Huachachi (message), Martinawa (message) and sude (message)

Development Stages

The first stage of the collaboration will be cleanup and planning, where cleanup will be done and a draft for Castellán will be made. First stages will involve discussions about the coastline of the country (specially the eastern coast, that needs remodeling), its topology, hydrography, biogeography, and settlement structure (including main roads and cities). Any proposals will be welcome in that regard by any user interested in the project, that will end up in a vote to decide the final general shape of the country.


Provinces of Castellán, used for cleanup purposes. White: Cleaned-up provinces. Yellow: Provinces in cleanup. Green: Provinces available for cleanup. Red: Provinces reserved, not available for cleanup.

Cleanup is basically the deletion of all features of the current map, to reset it and allow the redevelopement of the country.

Currently, any user that qualifies (i.e.: has a wiki account) can request to help in the cleanup on this section of the wiki, by indicating which province they want to cleanup.

Guidelines on cleaning up

DON'T DO SINGLE EDITS OVER 10.000 OBJECTS - They will affect the rendering and still appear despite being "deleted" on the server. Split up your uploads accordingly.

Be careful on the borders - If you see a multipolygon or an area that straddles the limit of your province, leave it as is, the coordinators will take care of it. If there's a way that crosses the limit of your province, delete all its nodes that lie inside of your province. If the way crosses through your province from two other provinces, you may split the way so that it doesn't awkwardly cross through your province in a straight line.

Do not delete administrative limits, nor edit the coastline. You may edit the tags out of the administrative limits, like rivers or ferry stations, but never delete any nodes or ways.

Relation of cleaned-up regions and provinces

  • Catania
  • Edetania
  • Belarra
  • Iskadi
  • Cantaria
  • Garonia
  • Ilicia
  • Galecia
  • Maguériz
  • Astura
  • Lión
    • Lión
  • Aljamía

Provinces in cleanup

  • Aljamía
    • Almerilla - User: Martinawa
    • Granada - User: Martinawa
  • Lión
  • Meridia

Provinces and regions available for cleanup


Any discussion on the territory will be held on the wiki forum thread for Castellán.


The main theme of the physical geography of the country will be Mediterranean. Coastlines, climate and biomes will work according to this general guideline.


Any resources that would help in the making or naming of Spanish-style mapping will be posted here. They should be used as a reference, and never as a source for mapping.