2016 Isle & City Games

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Logo of the 2016 Games

The 2016 Isle & City Games were the seventh edition of the Isle & City Games, the first one held in the islands of Brugas (Neo Delta) in the second semester of 2016. The event was postponed to December of 2016 due to weather conditions. Most of the events took place in Taiago but other venues around the archipelago were also used from accomodation and transportation purposes. The islands are an autonomous region of Neo Delta and have a population of about 510,000 inhabitants. The local government built several new facilities and venues, as well as enough accommodation for athletes and tourists alike. The main hub for the transportation of athletes and tourists was the Taiago Airport. A second hub, the Danipa Airpot, was specially built for the games.

For this edition, all the medals contained 40% recycled materials and the metal used was extracted using several sustainability criteria, emphasizing the attention given by Neo Delta to environmental issues. Eighteen island and city states or subnational divisions participated on the games with more the 3,000 athletes competing in 25 sports. Chess was added to the games for the first time. It was the event in which Steran, an Egani subnational division made their debut in the games. It was the most successful games for the Team Brugas, being among the top five position in the medal table.

Participating isles, cities, and subnational entities

Sport Venues

Sport Events Venue Map
Aquatics 8 Brugas Aquatics map
Athletics 22 Taiago Stadium
Basketball 2 Brugas Indoors Sports
Beach Football 2 Beach Sports Arena
Beach Volleyball 2 Beach Sports Arena
Boxing 6 Brugas Multi Sports
Canoeing (Sprint) 2 Taiago Bay
Chess 1 Brugas Multi Sports
Cycling 2 Brugas Velodrome
Golf 2 Taiago Golf Course
Gymnastics (6) Brugas Multi Sports
Handball 2 Brugas Indoors Sports
Hockey 2
Ice Hockey 2 Hockey Center
Judo 6 Brugas Multi Sports
Rowing (8) Taiago Bay
Rugby sevens
Sailing (4) Taiago Bay
Table Tennis (3) Brugas Multi Sports
Triathlon 2 Road course/Taiago Bay
Weightlifting 2