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In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

7, -12.790, 125.903
The Federation of Demacia
Федерация Демасии
Flag of Demacia
and largest city
Twenty Palms (560,000)
Official languagesdemacian
NationalitiesDemacianese (76%), Renkistanese (13%), Zylandese (9%), others (2%)
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential constitutional republic
 • PresidentLux Crownguard
 • Prime MinisterGaren Crownguard
 • Upper houseFederation Council
 • Lower houseLower Chamber
 • Census (2016)3,703,000
TimezoneMSK (GMT+3)
CurrencyDemacian Dollar Coin (DDC)
Drives on theright

Demacia (Demacian: Демасия), officially the Federation of Demacia is a country in the western part of Gwynian. Its capital and largest city is Twenty Palms. Demacian territory lies just south of the equator, and stretches from Calliesanyo on the west to Wallea on the east. It is bordered by Zylanda, AR007, AR008, Wallea, and Gorsea.

Since Demacia is located closed to equator, the climate is tropical during whole year. However, the country has many microclimates depending on rainfall and geography of each region. Demacian seasons are defined by how much rain falls during a particular period. The year can be divided into 3 periods: the dry season known to the residents as summer (may to september), the rainy season known as autumn (october to december), and winter season with random rainfalls and average temperature of +22 (january to april). Both dry and rainy seasons have temperature jumping between +25 and +40, though rainy season has way higher humidity which affects the way how high temperature is felt.

Demacian political system consists of four parlament political parties: Democratic party (36%), Liberal party (32%), Communist party (20%) and Nationalist party (12%). Democratic party has HQ in Twenty Palms on Battery Point.

Known locations

Alameda region

Kavanaugh (59,000) was found in 1880 in plains of Alameda Valley that were often flooded in spring time.

Rio Cuarto (386,000) was found in 1840 on east side of Alameda River. It is a big industrial center with plenty of factories, big harbour and many islands surrounding the river bank.

Almere region

Almere (62,000) was found in 1912 in central valley near Almere forests.

Jochem (68,000) was found in 1889 on the railroad to the south.

Avarosan region

Varus (70,000) was found in 1893 in Avarosan forests and currently is known as the city with the most wealthiest population in measures of GDP per capita.

Bay Area

Kramer (113,000) was found in 1903 on the South Voyage Coast. It is known resort in Demacia.

Beekers region

Maplewood (46,000) was found in 1928 near the place where Beeker and Alameda rivers meet each other.

Bilgewater region

Carver (49,000) was found in 1939 and is known for having aviation plant.

Calliesanyo region

Wintersun (52,000) was found in 1902 near the big Valoran forest and is known for it's electronics plants.

Central region

Kendrick City (185,000) was found in 1940, while city of Twenty Palms was growing and developing eastern side of Lake Twenty Palms, Lille Oakwood and fields to the east from Battery Point cliff. Currently Kendrick City is a big industrial town that is connected to Twenty Palms, there is no visible border between two towns.

Quartz Hill (24,000) was found in 1949 near a big deposite of quartz to the south of Red Forest. It is known miners town.

Twenty Palms (568,000) was found in 1933. It is the capital of Demacia and concentrates most of the business and administrative activity.

Westbridge (48,000) was found in 1883 when Piltover mountains were crossed by tribes of abercrombie and they started to develop a valley near the Piltover Pass.

East region

Besteiro (46,000) was found in 1882 on the island of South Alameda. It shares the island with settlement of Renkistan, they have no visible border.

Lepcis Magna (85,000) was found in 1912 on eastern side of Alameda River, across the Renkistan Bay. The city is known for it's fisheries and industrial harbour.

Fields region

Gardena (83,000) was found in 1949 when Gardena Nuclear Plant was established in the fields of Gardena Plains.

Marvinburg (76,000) was found in 1902 in fields of Gardena Plains.

Frontier region

Flo (84,000) was found in 1844 and is known as temporary capital of Frontier Republic that existed in 1860-1898.

Laplace territory

Laplace (86,000) was found in 1880 on the west bank of Alameda River in Renkistan (state that existed in 1844-1911). It's a homeland of famous renkistan programmers that are most known for working on tournament managers and leaving MOBA-games teams. The Laplace territory was ceased to Demacia in 1911 after when Renkistan disbanded.

Lazarus region

New Sadiemarkt (85,000) was found in 1930 on the bank of Lower Bay and was a big project of architector Leime Jaimer and his concept of "City for people".

March region

Savanna (46,000) was found in 1903 near Jannik Dam and serves multiple plants being industrial center of Demacia.

North region

Ionia (69,000) was found in 1920 near Ionian lake. Northern region used to be part of Calliesanyo and there are still pleny of them in Ionia.

North-East region

Dextra (71,000) was found in 1913 by Alameda River. It's sister city, Reliquit, is now located in Renkistan.

North-West region

Boktir (111,000) was found in 1853 on the northern bank of Serpentine River and is known for it's coal mines. It's being used as main source of coal for demacian electric stations.

Serpentine River (24,000) was found in 1909 near the west border between Demacia and Calliesanyo.

Stow-on-Wye (41,000) was found in 1911 on the bank of Wye River, later expanded towards Serpentine River. It has 2 schools, 2 kindergardens and 1 hospitals.

  • 08.02.2016. Stow-on-Wye, Stow-on-Wye (0 > 28,000)
  • 23.03.2016. Stow-on-Wye, Stow-on-Wye (28,000 > 41,000)

Zaun (32,000) was found in 1913 near the Serpentine River on the west border of Demacia, and is known for it's "Fieldmaster Company" facility.

Orange region

Halsted (48,000) was found in 1912 by textile tycoon Hobart Rodgers. City is still known as 'textile capital' of Demacia.

Juan Carlos (36,000) was found in 1920 between Central mountains range and Freimeries wetlands.

Palms region

Chawkee (36,000) was found in 1924 in Falcon Valley and is known as location of historical battle.

Plate region

Azure (28,000) was found in 1919 when miners found diamonds on the south bank of Lago de Guapo. The city is known for it's diamond mines.

River Plate (147,000) was found in 1904 after construction of River Plate Dam on Plate river that caused Lago de Guapo to appear. Town of River Plate is known for it's old victorian buildings that have a look like old noirish american buildings of 1920s.

Seaside region

San Pedro (194,000) was found in 1947 on the southern seaside and was mainly occupied by soldiers and navy men, as it has big navy base facility.

Wilde (38,000) was found in 1938 on the estuary of Alameda river and serves as industrial city with lot of plants.

South region

Arno (100,000) was found in 1917 on the river of Arno near southern border of Demacia. City of Arno is known for it's Rosenberg Plant.

Terrace region

Bandle City (72,000) was found in 1937 on the right bank of Alameda river as a trading post, and it served as the capital of Alameda during 1963. The city was the seat of the Christian Archdiocese of Bandle; since then, it has remained the seat of the Lutheran Diocese of Bandle and the Bandle Cathedral.

Valley region

Melvin (94,000) was found in 1900 on banks of Valor River. One well-known company that resides in the city is "Flux Metallurgy", a steel manufacturer. City is famous for fine quality porcelain and vintage pieces are highly sought after by collectors.

Valoran region

Valor (66,000) was found in 1927 near Big Bear Lake, the city is known for it's lake resorts and accomodations.

West region

Noxus (116,000) was found in 1895 on the old territory of Zylanda and was mainly known for it's fields in the valley.

Wye region

Lanark (53,000) was found in 1893 aside of Wye Forest. It's currently a location of Intercontinental and Befesk plants.

Cities in other countries

Nuevo Delgado, Wallea (25,000) was found in 1894 on the south-eastern border of Renkistan. Nowadays it's a major resort in Wallea.


Central region: Malvasia (11,000), Svendborg (2,000), Randy (1,000)

  • 21.01.2016. Malvasia (0 > 11,000)
  • 30.01.2016. Svendborg (0 > 2,000)
  • 30.05.2016. Randy (0 > 1,000)

East region: Dagenham (1,000)

  • 13.07.2016. Dagenham (0 > 1,000)

Plate region: Contra Costa (1,000), Fernando Valley (1,000)

  • 12.12.2016. Contra Costa (0 > 1,000)
  • 12.12.2016. Fernando Valley (0 > 1,000)

Piltover region: Laurel Canyon (9,000)

  • 14.08.2016. Laurel Canyon (0 > 9,000)



"Bank of Demacia" is demacian multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Twenty Palms. It is the first largest bank holding company in the Demacia by assets.

"Renkistan Bank" is renkistanese banking service corporation from Laplace. It's owner is Fernando Besteiro, the most rich person in Archanta.

"Robobank" (Rio Cuarto) is multinational banking and financial services company, a global leader in food and agri financing and sustainability-oriented banking.

"State Bank of Wallea" is wallean banking company with headquarters in San Martin.


Central Intelligence Agency - Marvinburg, Hill, 7th Street, ?

Congressional Research Service - Varus, Varus, Avarosan, ?

Department of Agriculture - Kavanaugh, West, Meuse, ?

Department of Commerce - Azure, Renkon, Waylon, ?

Department of Defence - Lanark, Lanark, Arno, ?

Department of Education - Melvin, Midtown, Grand, ?

Food and Nutrition Service - Almere, Bolani, Finn, ?

Federal Space Agency - Rio Cuarto, Leyton, 3rd Street, ?

Government Accountability Office - Arno, Suburb, De Coninck, ?

INTERPOLICE - Valor, Valor, Grand, ?

Supreme Court Police - New Sadiemarkt, City, Roman, ?


"Elsinor" (Twenty Palms), "Manor" (Kendrick City), "Ponsonbys", "Suburban" and "Ygritte" are the most known clothes retailers in Demacia.

"Eddy", "Mike" (Noxus) and "Travesty" distribute shoes.

Department stores and DIY shops

"IDEA" (Rio Cuarto), "Tustin Bradbury" (Flo) and "Wayne" are biggest department stores in Demacia.


"Black Mesa" (Melvin) sells electronics, from TV sets to electric kettles, since 1949 it is main facility of "iFruit" contracts recelling.

"Santorin" (Ionia) is electronics brand that owns network of stores in Demacia, known electronic commerce and largest internet-based retailer.

"Wellmart" is computer store network that sells computer hardware, mobile phones, earphones, notebooks and stuff related to computers. It does not sell other kind of electronics.

Fast food, restaurants and caffees

"Burger Queen" is demacian global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in River Plate.

"Fat" (New Sadiemarkt) is caffee network that is popular between junk food lovers, especially for fried chicken wings.

"McRaynolds" (Twenty Palms) is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 300 000 customers daily across more than 50 outlets.


"Bellevue" is network of musical theaters from Rio Cuarto.

"Inno 3D" is network of movie theaters from Twenty Palms.

Mobile operators

"MTU" (River Plate), "Telsat", "Uphone" and "Zeta" are four biggest mobile operators in Demacia. They have wide network of retail shops selling mobile phones, contracts and accesories.

Public facilities

"Post OP" is demacian national post delivery system with over than 100 post offices. They have a concurrent company - "GoPostal" (Almere).


"Atrocious" is Twenty Palms chain of convenience stores that sells all kind of food, mainly basic one. Often it lacks such goods as coffee, confectionary, but has plenty of "microwave food", only one type of bread. It's mainly visited by poor demacians.

"Auxhan" (Waylon) has no small convenience stores but operates several super- and hypermarkets (now known as malls or outlets). It builds such an outlet then gives space there in rent to many minor shops selling all kind of goods. Retailer is known for large choice of goods of all kind.

"Dixi" from Twenty Palms mainly operates convenience stores with cheap food produced by food supply factories the retailer owns. It's also known for good milk from own milk farms.

"Five-o-Clock" is a supermarket chain from Rio Cuarto consisting of plenty of shops spread all over the country. Retailer is known for cheap alcohol.

"Hungery" is retailer from Valor that has plenty of convenience stores with different kind of goods including chemistry and tobacco.

"Magnit" (Rio Cuarto) is the largest Demacian retailer. Retailer supplies with all kind of goods, mainly with food, and symbolizes retail of Demacia.

"Okee" (Kendrick City) is retail network of convenience stores that is well known for fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Star" (Gardena) is retailer that mainly serves rich customers that valuate imported food more than local cheap ones. Best retailer to find rare brands and goods.

Small food distributors

"Candyman" is Serpentine River retailer that offers confectionary and bread.

"Fresh" (Arno) consists of over than 20 butcher houses that sell only fresh cow meat from Gardena fields.

"Nikki Baker" is a chain of bakeries from Twenty Palms that sells only fresh bread and some fast food related to bread, like hamburgers.

"Schweine" sells only fresh pig meat, salami and sausages from Rio Cuarto farms. It also supplies with frozen food.

"Vodka" is known alcohol retail network that sells all kind of alcohol all over the Demacia.

Lists of businesses

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Poultry industry in Demacia



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