Allena Wingerson

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Allena Wingerson
30th President of Eshein
Allena in her 2015 elections poster
Allena in her 2015 elections poster
Born23 July 1971, Northriver, Nortryvaar, Keswerg, Eshein
  • Minister of Justice (2005-2009)
  • Vice President and Head of the Eshen Senate (2010-2015)
  • President of Eshein (2015-2020)
Years Active2000-Now
Political PartySILVE

Allena Suzan Wingerson is an Eshen politician and is currently the 30th president of Eshein since 2015. Allena was born and raised in Northriver and got her Law degree in the Bryenter University in the city. Allena entered the political life in the age of 34, when she was appointed by the president as minister of justice. After a term of five years as a minister, Wingerson decided to quit and joined the SILVE party. She ran alongside with Marvin Auernheimer for presidency and the two have won the presidential elections in 2010, making Wingerson the youngest VP in Eshein's history. In 2015 elections, since Auernheimer could not try for 3rd term, the party urged Wingerson to run herself for president.

Early Life and Education

Allena Wingerson was born on July 23, 1971, to Alberta Wingerson (née Sprein), a carpenter, and Aiden Wingerson, a singer, in the Midge borough of Northriver. Her father was an Imigrant from Ingerland so she grew up in an Ingerish-speaking household. Wingerson is the oldest of three, her two siblings named Anton Wingerson and Adelayn Wingerson. Allena attended the Selest Firen low school and to the Grönvald high school. At 1990, a year after finishing high school, Wingerson started her bachelor degree at TSW university in Northriver. She graduated in 1993 and started working in a small law firm owned by her parents' friends. She started studying at Bryenter University in 1995, getting her MBA in 1998. At the same year she was offered a job at the legal department of the university.

Law Career and Politics

After holding her position at the legal department of the university for only 4 years, Wingerson was appointed head of the university's legal department. In 2004, she was asked by the university to step down and letting them appoint an older and more experienced lawyer, saying her position was only temporary as a resold of shortage of human resources and she is too young for the position. Wingerson declined the demotion and filed a lawsuit against the university for wrongful termination. Wingerson managed to gain national attention via plenty of media coverage, forcing the university to publish a formal apology and settling the case. In 2005, after the elections, the elected president Marvin Aurenheimer was looking to establish a government much younger than the failed government of his predecessor, Klaudia Bruhns, so he offered the now-famous lawyer Allena Wingerson the title of minister of justice. The two worked together very well until Wingerson decided to quit in 2009, in order to join the SILVE party and run alongside with Aurenheimer for his second term, as his VP. They won together the elections of 2010, making Wingerson the youngest VP in the history of Eshein, being only 39 at the time. In 2014, when presided Aurenheimer's 2nd term was coming to its end, the party urged Wingerson to take the lead and run for president in the upcoming elections. Wingerson agreed and opened her campaign later that year. She won the 2015 elections with Bjorn Hangel as her running mate and VP. She decided not to run in 2020 for second term for personal reasons.

Personal Life

Winger song got married in 1997 with Jason Pröll, whom she met at Bryenter university. She gave birth to her first child, Marlon, in 2000 and to her second child, Kerol, in 2006. In 2019 Wingerson's son, Marlon Pröll, was involved in a car accident in Kellerr near Northriver and was hospitalized in Bryenter University Hospital in the city. Wingerson decided not to run for second term in 2020, even though she was the presumed winner, in order to be with her family.