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Alnisi is the third city of Egani in terms of population, it is situated in the Southern part of the country. It is the capital city of Scanda Trajanot, about 500 000 people live in its urban area and 1 000 000 people live in its province.




Alnisi wants to be a cultural city, where populations meet as well as traditions and new technologies.

The headquarters of ANESCO are situated in Alnisi.


A garden in Alnisi

Several environmental policies are used in the city to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Significan actions have already been done :

  • a faster and cleaner tramway network
  • the creation of kilometers of bicycle trails across the city and its suburbs
  • a free bike rental system
  • the setting of bins for sorting wates
  • the plantation of hundreds of trees in some parks and to cool down a few streets by bringing shadow (temperatures in summer can rise over 40°C)
  • the development of the greenbelt along the Iasupa river.

Alnisi has several gardens with typical plants and trees from southern Egani.


The city is the center of the road and rail network of Southeastern Egani. Alnisi tramway network.

Alnisi tram.png

Sibling Cities

Alnisi is sibling city with Khan Kun, Balam-Utz, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World.