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8, -44.6862, 130.5505
Ambrosine [1]
The Gate Of Ambrosia
 • RegionLower Ambrosia
 • Official nameAmbroisine
DemonymAmbroisinois, Ambroisinoise
 • EarlComte d'Ambroisine
 • Estimate2,835,719
Postal CodeAM

Ambrosine (Ambroisine in Franquese, Ambrosijntje in high astrasian and Ambrosina in galego and yurish) is one of the 12 provinces of Ambrosia. It is the southernmost one, located in the coastal part of Lower Ambrosia, it is also the second most populated Province and the fifth one by the size. It is bordered by the Provinces of Leonia and Transgalesia in the North, by Westland in the West and by Hathana and Galiza (Galesia) in the East. It's capital is Port Ambroise and its largest city is Meridian.

Landscape of Ambrosine
Landscape of Ambrosine


Geographic map of Ambrosine

Ambrosine is bordered by the Leon River in the West and the Galesia River in the East.

In the south two deep bays enter the territory over 60km. One leads to Meridian (Baye de Méridien) and the other one to Port Ambroise (Baye des Isles).

Lake Salandrin is the biggest lake of the Province, it is located on a low plateau of the Andelance Range.

In the North West two parallel chains of hills, the Ardaillon and the Querce create a long corridor where the Azurin River flows.

In the East a Higher Mountain range called the Andelances runs from the North East to the fall into the ocean.

Many inner islands are scattered in the Baye des Isles, the biggest one is Santandrian Island.

The Nectarydes Archipelago is located in the South East, along the Asperic Coast. It is composed of 4 big islands and 23 islets.

Langueiron Island (Nectarydes)
Lake Salandrin


Ambrosine has a relatively cool temperate climate compared to the rest of Ambrosia with four distinct seasons.

Spring is from September to November, it is generally the windiest time of the year with fresh sea breezes entering the bays.

Summer is from December to February when the average maximum coastal temperatures are 21 °C and inland areas reach 24 °C. Other inland areas like the Andelance Range are much cooler ranging between 12 °C and 18 °C in February.

Autumn is from March to May, with lots of rain.

The winter months are from June to August, and are generally pretty wet, sometimes snowy and often windy. As a result of a series of cold fronts from the Asperic Ocean Winter maximums are 12 °C on average along the coast and 3 °C inland.

Climate data for Ambrosine
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 22.2 22.1 20.3 17.8 15.1 12.4 12.3 13.7 15.5 19.3 18.7 20.4
Average low °C (°F) 12.6 12.4 11.5 9.0 7.8 5.3 4.9 5.7 6.9 8.7 9.4 11.5
Average precipitation mm (inches) 22.2 27.9 31.8 38.8 43.7 50.5 51.2 43.4 45.9 43.9 36.6 28.4 464.3
Source: Meridian Obrservatory
Climate data for Ambrosine
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 42.2 40.1 38.0 32.0 28.8 22.0 24.0 25.0 31.1 34.6 38.5 39.8 42.2
Record low °C (°F) −4 −4 −6.9 −7.7 −10.5 −12 −11.5 −11.1 −10.7 −8.5 −6.8 −5 −12
Source: Bureau of Meteorology

Administrative division

Baronies of Ambrosine

The Province is divided in three Baronies :

Name Capital Population
Western Ambrosia 2 083 954 Port Ambroise
Eastern Ambrosine (formely Lower Galesia) 576 196 Orange
Barony of Warande 175 569 Warande


Demographic map of Ambrosine

With 2 835 719 inhabitants, Ambrosine is the second most populated Province after Leonia. It is one of the most dynamic and attractive Province of the Kingdom. More than 43% of the population lives in Meridian and the 3/4 in the corridor located between Meridian and Bloemenville.

The main towns are :

Name Population Location
Greater Meridian 1 226 254 Western Ambrosine
Greater Port Ambroise 554 902 Western Ambrosine
Bloemenville 278 757 Western Ambrosine
Orange 156 312 Eastern Ambrosine
Warande 117 047 Barony of Warande
Sainct Jacques d'Ambroisine 84 185 Western Ambrosine
Port Léon 65 574 Western Ambrosine
Andaya 54 922 Eastern Ambrosine
Azurine 34 860 Western Ambrosine
Port au Roy 28 238 Western Ambrosine
Torralba 24 966 Eastern Ambrosine
Port Santandrian 21 332 Western Ambrosine
La Flotille 17 556 Western Ambrosine
Admiraal 16 984 Western Ambrosine
Miramar 15 235 Eastern Ambrosine
Bordena 12 982 Eastern Ambrosine
Zandalburg 9 102 Western Ambrosine


Franquese is the most spoken language above all in town but galego is mainly spoken in Eastern Ambrosine.



Port activities provide many jobs and allow to export produces abroad. Two tide turbines (one close to Meridian and the other near Port Ambroise) supply in electricity the two main populated areas. Dams on rivers and streams are also an important source of the energy, just like the wind turbines spreaded out along the coast. A massive amount of salt is produced each year in the salterns of Port au Roy.


Whith many remarkable landmarks Ambrosine attract lots of tourists each year. Meridian and Port Ambroise are the most visited cities of the Country follow by Azurine where the Royal Palace is located. Many natural spots like the Nectarydes Archipelago or Orange Peninsula count among the most popular holiday destinations

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