Anders Eriksson

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Anders Eriksson in 1894
Anders Eriksson (12 September 1860 - 1 June 1938) was a Myrcian writer, philosopher, economist and political revolutionary. He was the author of many works of political economy which have been heavily influential in socialist politics in Myrcia and the wider world. His most well-known work is The Worker's Charter (1911) which is both a critique of capitalist economics and a manifesto for a communist worker's state.

Eriksson was born in Dunwic in 1860, attended Kirkcoleg Myrcia and then went to Nórdport to work as an engineer in one of the city's shipyards. He came to politics during the Rihtwísness revolution against Ingerish political and economic forces in Myrcia, he read the works of Anders Morsson and became a leader in the movement in Nórdport. Following the revolution and the establishment of democracy Eriksson became disenchanted with the lack of improvement in the material conditions of the Myrcian worker and quit the Rihtwísness party to help found Wyrcend. He worked to build the worker's movement in Myrcian politics and to write until his death in Nórdport in 1938. Although he did not live to see the success of Wyrcend in the 1950s in establishing the Folcyning, his works were a major influence in the project and he continues to be a figure of adoration and study in Myrcia and other socialist states today.

Many buildings, streets, squares and schools around Myrcia are named after Eriksson and his statue is often to be found in the main square of Myrcian towns and cities.