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Free Nation of Anglesbury
Official languagesIngerish
 • Head of Nation
 • First MinisterJaymes Blackwood (GPA)
 • Estimate2 134 700
CurrencyAorangëan Dollar
(≈31.39 USD) (AOD)

Anglesbury is the largest and most populous nation of Aorangēa on Anglesbury Island off the South Western Kartumian coast. It was part of the Colony of Anglesbury from 1808 to 1836. The nation was formed from the northern and western parts of the colony which voted for independence, while the eastern parts remained loyal to the crown and eventually became the Ingerish overseas territory of East Anglesbury

Tram I3 on Haipipika Street in Whangiora


The name's origin remains a mystery. Some claim it may be inspired by Captain Gustave Anglemeyer, a not too famous Ingerish seafarer, while others claim it may be religous reference to angels. It is also possible to be an archaic variant on the name Ingerland. The most cited origin is said to be a spelling error when the early maps were copied under influence in a pub.


Anglesbury has a population of 2 134 700 in an area of 16061.39 km² (6201.34 sq mi). The largest contiguous part is found on Anglesbury Island.

Anglesbury borders two Aorangēan nations, as well as two other countries. One of its northern islands is shared with New Ingerland and in the south east it borders the Ingerish Overseas Territory of East Anglesbury. The nations of Nao Rānga and Elleah are found to the south.


Anglesbury itself is a federation comprised of ridings and autonomous provinces, which have limited sovereignty. The autonomous provinces's territory and government may not be altered by the federal Anglesbury government. The ridings do not have their own government.

The biggest city by far of Anglesbury and also of Aorangēa is Whangiora, which is one of the autonomous provinces. Despite this, it is not the official capital of Aorangēa. The parliament and other federal government buildings, as well as the embassies are located in a federal enclave within Whangiora.

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