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The Archanta Cup is an international football tournament competed by the national teams of countries in Archanta. It is held in the second year after the OGFIFA World Cup and consists of a qualifying stage played over 1-2 years and the finals played over two weeks in the summer. The competition was first held in 1964 and has had sixteen teams in the final since its inauguration.

The current holders are Mecyna, who hosted the tournament and beat Karolia 1-0 to win the 2012 finals. Karolia, however, are the most successful team in the competition's history with five wins.


The tournament is contested in four stages: a group stage, in which each team in a group of four plays all the others and the two highest placed progress, followed by the quarter-finals, the semi-final and the final and third/fourth place match. Qualification from the group stage is decided on number of points, then goal difference, then total goals scored, then the earliest goal scored, then disciplinary record, and finally if the teams are still level, by flipping a coin.

Past winners

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Year Final Match Third Place Match Notes Host Country
Winner Score Runner-Up Third Place Score Fourth Place
1964 VegaFlag.PNG Vega 2-0 Karolia flag.png Karolia Lost country.png Chastechek 2-1 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda FLAGMECY.png Mecyna
1968 Karolia flag.png Karolia  ?-? Lost country.png Chastechek 3rd  ?-? VegaFlag.PNG Vega
1972 VegaFlag.PNG Vega 4-1 2nd FLAGZYL.png Zylanda  ?-? 4th Lost country.png Chastechek
1976 Lost country.png Chastechek  ?-? VegaFlag.PNG Vega Karolia flag.png Karolia 4-2 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda VegaFlag.PNG Vega
1980 Karolia flag.png Karolia 3-2 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 3rd  ?-? 4th FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
1984 Karolia flag.png Karolia 1-0 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion  ?-? Lost country.png Chastechek
1988 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 3-1 Lost country.png Ismikk 3rd  ?-? Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion
1992 Lost country.png Esteli 3-2 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Lost country.png Chastechek  ?-? Karolia flag.png Karolia
1996 Lost country.png Chastechek 3-2 2nd Lost country.png Ismikk 1-0 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
2000 Karolia flag.png Karolia  ?-? 2nd VegaFlag.PNG Vega  ?-? 4th VegaFlag.PNG Vega
2004 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere  ?-? Lost country.png Chastechek 3rd  ?-? Lost country.png Ismikk Lost country.png Chastechek
2008 Karolia flag.png Karolia 3-2 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 3-0 VegaFlag.PNG Vega Karolia flag.png Karolia
2012 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 1-0 Karolia flag.png Karolia Lost country.png Chastechek 2-1 Lost country.png Esteli FLAGMECY.png Mecyna
2016 Lost country.png Esteli 3-1 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
2020  ?-? needs to be chosen

Hall of Fame

Country Wins 2nd 3rd
1 Karolia flag.png Karolia 5 2 1
2 Lost country.png Chastechek 2 2 3
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 2 2 0
VegaFlag.PNG Vega 2 1 1
3 Lost country.png Esteli 1 0 1
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 1 0 0
4 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 0 3 2
Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion 0 0 1


The trophy used for the tournament was not the original design, which was a weak construction and was damaged shortly before the first match. The 1968 Cup saw a more durable trophy which has been used to the present day.


The qualifying stages sets teams in groups of five or six, each of whom plays every other twice, at home and away. Groups are decided firstly by seeding the most likely teams to win based on world ranking and historical form into the head of the groups, and then allocating the rest by blind draw. The winner and runner-up of each group receives an automatic place in the finals. The previous winner and the host country automatically qualify, making a total of sixteen teams.

2016 tournament

for 2016 qualifiers see Archanta Cup 2016 Qualifiers

The hosting for the 2016 tournament was awarded in 2009 to the Ardisphere, for the first time in the country's history. It is hoped that the Cup will boost the profile of the country and be a recognition of the country's economic emergence as well as a boost for football in the region. The host cities will be Villa Constitución, Jeongto, Cerro y Casa, Ynys Dieithriaid, Palmeras Grises and Capital Boreal.

Group A

Group B

  • Seeosa
  • Lollmer

Group C

  • Triada

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G