Ataraxia International Airport

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Z13, 33.0 °N, 113.9 °E
Ataraxia International Airport
Aéroport International d'Ataraxie
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia
City Saint Germain, La Langue serving Ataraxia City
Began operation 1980 (extensions 1994, 2015)
Time zone +7
Elevation AMSL 34 m
Passengers 61,500,000
Aircraft operations 201,000
Direction Length
2R/20L 4200 m
2L/20R 4200 m
10R/28L 4500 m
10L/28R 4500 m
Number Length
H1 37 m
Highways AX-21, AX-25
Regional train lines THC to Oyonnax, Léopoldville, Kojo
Suburban rail lines R20/21, R24/25
Metro lines None
Postcode 05950
Telephone +0321 (0)4589-0110

Ataraxia International Airport (AXA) is the main international gateway of Ataraxia. AXA is the main hub airport for Air Ataraxie and serves the Ataraxia City metropolitan area as well as satellite cities and regions including Baudoinville, Cartelet, Delmar and Pointault-Combault.


AXA opened in 1980 to replace Perseus Regional Airport as the main international gateway for Ataraxia. Complaints were that Perseus was undersized for new, larger aircraft, being well-removed from business centers in western sububs (St. Germain, Boulogne-sur-Var), as well as not as multi-modal as the new AXA, despite the presence of a metro station, TREX and ferries at PRS.

AXA opened with two runways in 1980, followed by a runway and commuter terminal in 1994, in time for that year's World Cup hosted in Ataraxia. A much-delayed fourth runway and new domestic terminal are projected to open in summer 2015.

Ground Transportation

AXA is accessible by several modes of transportation. It is served by a direct interchange on the A25 Grande Ceinture, a short distance from the A1 with easy connections to the rest of the A2-A7 autoroutes.

AXA is also served by a direct stop on the main-line railway operated by COFAX in the main terminal, with access to T1 and T2. The AXA Rail station offers high-speed rail service along the northwest and southwest lines to Léopoldville and Oyonnax, conventional-speed rail services to points within the Centre region and beyond, and TREX local rail service to the Ataraxia City metro area.

AMTRAX local buses also serve the airport, primarily used by airport employees.


It is projected to build a permanent replacement for the commuter terminal integrated with a second TREX stop for domestic travelers.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
Air Ataraxie (Domestic) Ambeyron, Banningstad, Brandt, Cadillac, Castellac, Desprairies, Dolisie, Donatien, Élisabethville, Fenelec, Fontigny, Gif, Ginex, Halifax, Jadotville, Léopoldville, Landec, Lin, Luluabourg, Marienbad, Mendleton, Mérovie, Oyonnax, Port Franqui, Rouselle, St. Sébastien, Saturnay, Stanleyville, Trax, Tyrole, Victoria, Villemarie 3 Shuttle required to commuter terminal
Air Ataraxie (International) Ashbourne, Askendom, Beaudry, Beishan, Bengonia, Byórn, Cape Angkatell, Colgre, Constance-Reid, Cordoba, Derindonderak, Duerst, Elegantia, Eraso, Ergolanyum, First Harbor, Gobras City, Groulx, Inara, Jeongto, Khaiwoon, Khama'ata, Kiolar City, Krone, Latina (Cidudad), Leluwa, Lintebrych, Lydgate, Mecyna, Mopaso City, Murthwaite, Mutstat, Port Emporia, Porto Colon, Pyingshum, Quentinsburgh, Ravalin, Remiville, Safrisco, St. Richards, Shadowsnow City, Tarott, Tehmahd, Tilney, Tsakuna, Vega (Ciudad), Venecina, Verney, Villa Constitución, Westward Gate, Willmore, Wiwaxmouthe, Yasheu, Zazan 1
Abunadi Airlines
See: Abunadi Airlines (Destinations) 2
Aéreo Dorado Misión 2
Air Karolia Säntjana 2
Air Wiwaxia Constance-Reid, Lydgate, Murthwaite, Tilney, Verney, Willmore, Wiwaxmouthe 2
AVIA Vega (Ciudad) 2
BrunsAir Kenrich 2
Compañía Aérea Ardesférica Villa Constitución, DF 2
Folkets flyg Göteholm 2
FreedemiAir Latina_(Cidudad), Quentinsburgh 2 (Flight to Quentinsburgh lays over in Latina)
Guai Airways Vai 2
Latzyl Air Latina (Cidudad) 2
Norlensk þjóðflugfélag Markvað 2
Rakkan Air Derindonderak 2
Rogolnikan Airways Ergolanyum 2