Auutoraata Vasireii 'Jens Nappii'

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The Auutoraata Vasireii 'Jens Nappii'(Jens Nappii Raceway) is the main venue for professional motorsports in Karolia, in the southern part of the city of Vasireii. It was first constructed in 1935 as a much smaller track but has been steadily lengthened over the following decades. It is the venue for the Karolian Grand Prix and the home of Finira Racing team and named in honour of their greatest driver Jens Nappii (1904-1981).


The original raceway, built on farmland next to the river Majos, was funded by several wealthy playboys who had a taste for driving the latest racing models in hazardous road races (and indeed when there was no official race). The number of crashes and several spectator fatalities led to calls for the banning of the sport, so a segregated raceway was built in order to continue with the blessing of the authorities. It was around 3 km long in a roughly trapeziod shape with rounded corners. Some sections of this layout are still extant as part of the modern circuit (the two last corners and the middle straight). The first Grand Prix was held in 1936, won by Nappii in a Finira R.250hp.

Between 1950 and 1987 the rest of the track was progressively added; this involved the installation of a long pit straight and brought the total length to over 7km. Crossways were also built to facilitate the use of shorter circuits.


The circuit is close to the A41 Korutee motorway.

A branch of the suburban railway was built terminating at a station a short distance from the circuit in 1940 to cater for the huge crowds that came to events. In 1997 when part of the railway was taken over by Line 2 of the Metro this was extended into a loop to join the line at Vasireii Airport and the access junction remodelled.

The circuit also has a helipad for VIP access and medical helicopters.