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15, -1.9130, 32.3471
Suburb of Saviso
Central Avoca
Territorial authorityAvoca Cobalt Borough
 • Provincial electorateAvoca
 • National electorateCobalt Island
Postal Code5724
Telephone Code057 767
Metro Cobalt Island 

Avoca is a suburb of Saviso, St Austell, Vodeo, located on the Avoca Peninsula of Cobalt Island approximately 13 kilometres east of the Saviso central business district. It is the seat of the Avoca Cobalt Borough Council. Avoca is the most populous suburb of Cobalt Island, to the extent that neighbouring North Beach and Zenith Head are considered suburbs of Avoca as well as of Saviso.

Avoca was formerly the seat of the Borough of Avoca until 1986, when it was merged with Cobalt Island County to form the borough of Avoca Cobalt.