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BMS University Ranking is an annual publication of university rankings by Bāraen ko Myanlyi so Sáratta (BMS, "Bāraen and Myanlyi's Rankings"). It is very influential and by far the most quoted source for all types of higher education and research ranking in Kojo. The Ōnagara so Sōbolsáratta ("General Overview Ranking of Universities", OS) ranks the top 20 universities in Kojo on a yearly basis. Besides the results from the other, education and research centred rankings, the quality of campus and other general factors are also taken into account. Its publication is of general interest in Kojo and often commented even in national news.
The second annual ranking is the so called Dómaen so Sáratta ("Field Ranking", DS). Universities are assessed on their teaching and research in 6 fields of science. The focus is mostly on post gradual education and research as well as specific resources.
More specific than the field ranking, the Senka so Sáratta ("Subject Ranking", SS) names the best university for a specific (field of) subject. While it more explicitly includes undergraduate educations, it is also slightly biased towards post graduate studies.
The last, also very well known ranking is completely research focused and names research clusters of private and public stakeholders. At the centre of such an Elite Cluster there usually is a University that excel in this very specific field. This is the only ranking that those clusters which wish to be recognised have to apply for.

A small number of special institutions with limited public access are not included, for example the National Administration School or military academies. Because sport and P.E. is not assessed as a subject or represented in a field, the Chuso Azugáki-Folajji in Jaka does not show up in the field or subject ranking, despite being the centre of an Elite Research Cluster and the second best university overall.

BMS General University Ranking (Ōnagara so Sōbolsáratta)

The ranking is calculated in a similar fashion to the field and subject rankings, however overall campus facilities, extracurricular activities, international reputation and more are also taken into consideration with a weight of 25%.

In 2017 the ranking went as follows:

University Ranking (overall)
1 Ginjin Ōnagara (Pyingshum)
2 Chuso Azugáki-Folajji (Jaka)
3 Rō Tōchuekyana Ōnagara
4 Finkyáse PH
5 Kime Gigyōnagara (Kippa)
6 Yoyomi Ōnagara
7 Īme PH
8 Góhomi PH
9 Igilaē Uni PH
10 Kwaengdō Ōnagara

Īme PH is the only university that made it into the overall ranking without being awarded a top place in the subject ranking or a top 3 place in the field ranking.

BMS Field and Subject Ranking (Dómaen so Sáratta & Senka so Sáratta)

The universities are assessed on 6 points for each field and subject:

  • number/quality of published scientific papers (20%)
  • employer/recruiter reputation (20%)
  • campus and research facilities (20%)
  • local connectivity to private businesses and research facilities, e.g. third-party funds (20%)
  • student-teacher ratio (10%)
  • share of international lectures and students in that field (10%)

Because often there are several degree programs at a university falling under one "subject", the winner of a field overall is not always the university with the best-placed subjects individually. For example, although Ginjin Ōnagara VI doesn't rank as the very best in any Natural Science, because it has a very solid standing across all engineering and natural sciences it still ranks as the third best overall.

In 2017 the ranking went as follows:

Field Ranking + Subject Ranking
Field, Subject 1 2 3
Natural Science Kime Gigyōnagara (Kippa) Unzai PH Ginjin Ōnagara VI
Mathematics Unzai PH Finkyáse Ōnagara
Physics Yoyomi Gigyōnagara
Chemistry Kime Gigyōnagara (Kippa)
Biology Hetta PH
Engineering Kime Gigyōnagara (Kippa)
IT/Computer Science Unzai PH Finkyáse Ōnagara
Human Sciences Ginjin Ōnagara I Finkyáse Ōnagara Rō Tōchuekyana Ōnagara
Anthropology Ginjin Ōnagara I
Linguistics Ginjin Ōnagara I
Culture Sciences Ginjin Ōnagara I
History Rō Tōchuekyana Ōnagara
Literature&Philosophy Ginjin Ōnagara I
Social Sciences Ginjin Ōnagara V
Politics Ginjin Ōnagara V
Pedagogy Yoyomi Ōnagara
Social Work Geryong PH
Medicine&Psychology Góhomi PH Yoyomi Ōnagara Ginjin Ōnagara IV
Medicine Góhomi PH
Psychology Ginjin Ōnagara IV
Law&Eco Ginjin Ōnagara VI Igilaē Uni PH
Law Igilaē Uni PH Ginjin Ōnagara VI Kwaengdō Ōnagara
Business Studies Ginjin Ōnagara VI Busakyueng PH Tampo-Joelgue Ōnagara (Jaka)
Economics Ginjin Ōnagara VI
Arts Finkyáse Ōnagara Ginjin Ōnagara III
Performing Arts Finkyáse Ōnagara
Architecture Kwaengdō Ōnagara
Design Ginjin Ōnagara III

The large university of Pyingshum, Ginjin Ōnagara, is always mentioned with the applicable faculty. Although campus I houses two distinct faculties (Education, Pedagogy and Human Sciences on one hand, and Languages, International Affairs and Culture Studies on the other), they are treated as one in the ranking.

BMS Elite Cluster Ranking

To recognise highly competitive and specialised study, research and business clusters, BMS has classified 9 outstanding "Elite Clusters" in Kojo, each associated with a university, that are at the speahead of international research and education in their field. Characteristics are, amongst others, a large amount of private capital, local business networks, international student and lecturer body, and in general an outstanding reputation on the national and international level. These clusters are, in alphabetical order of their city:

City Cluster name (Ingerish) Associated Research Facili(es) Notes
Góhomi Cancer and Hereditary Disease Research and Treatment Centre Góhomi Uni PH
Finkyáse International Fine and Performing Arts Collaborative Finkyáse Uni PH
Hetta Hetta Research Cluster for Bioengineering Hetta Uni PH
Igilaē Igilaē Committee for Kojolese and International Constitutional Law and Jurisdiction Igilaē Uni PH Igilaē is also seat of Kojo's highest courts.
Jaka Competitive Sport, Education and Research Region Kime Delta Chuso Azugáki-Folajji Very autochthonous
Kippa Mechanical Engineering Education and Research Cluster Kippa Kime Gigyōnagara Kippa is one of Kojo's traditional manufacturing centres; also leads BMS field ranking for "Science and Engineering"
Wenzū Dento high-precision engineering research and development cluster Wenzū Uni PH Dento is Kojo's most valued single company, and high-precision engineering is arguably the most important export commodity
Pyingshum Combined Intercultural Communication and Research Institutions Ginjin Ōnagara (I) Focused on the study of foreign cultures, languages, and cross-cultural understanding
Pyingshum Ginjin Centre for Domestic and International Business and Economics Ginjin Ōnagara (VII)
Kojolese Classical and Theological Studies Research Assoziation Rō Tōchuekyana Ōnagara In Rō the ancient Kojolese belief system is still worshipped
Unzai Unzai Advanced Theoretical Mathematics Research Cluster Unzai Uni PH