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11, 31.3165, 113.6385
City of Banningstad
Ville de Banningstad
Municipal city
 • RegionSouth
 • ProvinceShergar
 • MayorPhilippe Rumaix
 • Census (2015)1,400,000 (metro)
Tram6 lines

Banningstad is the capital and largest city of the Shergar province and the South region of the Federation of Ataraxia.

The immediate metropolitan area of Banningstad in the Shergar province has around 1.4 million people. The official metropolitan area as defined by INSAX includes the neighboring city of St. Éloi and the intermediate suburbs for a total urban agglomeration of 1.7 million people.

Banningstad and the South province are traditionally among the least wealthy regions of Ataraxia. In recent times, Banningstad has been passed by Stanleyville to become the smallest capital of a federal region.

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