Bridescross, New Carnaby

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Z15, -40.1972 °S, 155.6568 °E
Bridescross, New Carnaby
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Flag of Bridescross, New Carnaby

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Borough in Federal States
Country Federal States
State New Carnaby
County Delorme
Area 0.68 km2
Population 531 (2010)

A view of the borough including the Bridescross Town Hall building. The Dalzell Township Board of Supervisors also have offices there.
The Bluegill River south of Bridescross with Delorme County on the left bank and Copper Mountain County on the right.

Bridescross is a borough in Delorme County, New Carnaby, Federal States of Archanta. The population was 531 at the 2010 census.


The history of Bridescross dates back several centuries. Before 1740 the settlement was known as Tamomache and was home to the Opalanay tribe of native Archantans. This small tribe was eventually wiped out by the neighbouring Denat tribe and in 1788 around 15 Denat families rebuilt the town naming it Peyabaska.

In the latter half of the 1800s the town became a shipping area for timber on the Roanache River, now the Bluegill River, and a staging post for coal wagons heading to the east coast by rail. In 1877 Bridescross became a borough and took on its current name. The borough held a hiring fair each month until the early 1910s.


Bridescross is located on the western edge of Delorme County. It is on the south bank of the Bluegill River at the confluence with the Clements River. The borough is bordered on all sides by Dalzell Township. According to the F.S. Census Bureau, the borough has a total area of 0.24 square miles (0.62 km²).

Places of Interest

  • Meredith Mill Nature Preserve is located to the south of the borough on a bend of the Clements River. The mill was demolished in the 1950s but several of the works buildings were bought by the Delorme County Historical Society and restored. Today they house the society's offices and a small museum showcasing the industrial heritage of the region.
  • Newline Civic Theatre
  • Bridescross Hotel - opened in 1883 as the Roanache Arms.


McPhail & Banat Paper Company is a large local employer and has a manufacturing plant on the outskirts of the town. It was opened in 1903 to take advantage of timber resources floated down the Bluegill River from the surrounding districts. Other large employers include the Nesbitt Group, a haulage and warehousing company and Milkwood Energy Systems, a subsiduary of Bakken Gas Global, a hydrocarbon extraction company with operations throughout Delorme County.

Robin's Mall opened in 1985. It was bought over in 2010 by the Leeman Food Group.


Bridescross has been swept by several Revivalist movements during the last 150 years but there are currently only 4 churches that hold regular meeting in the borough, down from 9 in the 1930s and 40s.

  • United Church of the River
  • Our Lady's
  • Sunrise Church
  • Flaming Hearts Mission Hall


The borough is part of the Lynastown Area School Board. There are two schools enrolling children between kindergarten and 8th grade. Older children attend school in Lynastown.

  • Bridescross Intermediate School
  • Latewood Elementary School - established in 1903 by Mrs Lucy Latewood as an all girls establishment, both sexes were admitted from 1925.

Notable People