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The Captiol Mall Government Tram is a now abandoned government-only tram line that ran beneath the Capitol Mall in Quentinsburgh, Freedemia from 1969-1983.

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Construction and Operation

Construction started in 1965 during the Richard Kennedy Administration, and opened in 1969. The tram was seen as very modern at the time and was a source of pride for government officials of the day. It was completely private, for government officials and workers only and required security clearance. The tram resembled the chunky yet futuristic metal roller coasters of the day and ran between major locations such as the Legislature Building, the Executive Complex, and the Concave Government Complex.

Construction flaws

However, some construction oversights would help lead to its downfall, primarily the lack of train yard and lack of maintenance facilities, leading workers to have to work on trains while still on the tracks. The public saw it as a pork barrel project when they discovered the issues with the tram, and President Richard Kennedy would be accused of wasting taxpayer money.


In 1974, a bomb threat involving the trains' tunnels would require the system to be shut down for several years while everything was investigated. In 1977, the tram reopened, but the lack of maintenance over the 3 years in addition to flooding took a toll on the system, which began to break down and malfunction frequently. The lack of easy places to repair trains would contribute to constant closings and delays and costs of operation rose.


In 1983, President Terrance Cruise announced that funding and operation of the Capitol Mall Government Tram would end immediately as part of a cost-cutting promise he had made during the campaign. Officials would protest, but between the public preferring it closed and the constant breakdowns, it would close.

2000s to Present

In 2006, the system was checked as part of an executive survey of the Capitol Mall grounds for security breaches and places that needed improvement. The system was in deep disrepair, tunnels were partially flooded and trains were rusted, many not functional. Several stations had partially collapsed. President Cara Harolds would order all entrances to the abandoned tram permanently sealed closed, which up until that point had just been barricaded off or locked. The tunnels still exist, and there is rumored to be one secret entrance still in existence held under maximum security. Some released government documents show part of the tunnel near the legislature may have been transformed into a bunker in case of an emergency.