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Carlton Hotels Corporation is an Antharian hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels. Founded by Antonie de Broode in 1892, the corporation is now led by Gheorghe Wenzel-Filaret.

Carlton is headquartered in Ostrina, Antharia and has 6 brands across different market segments, including Carlton, Carlton Park, Capitol, Giasco by Carlton, Martínez by Carlton and Carlton Sweet.

List of Carlton Hotels

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List of Carlton Hotels
Store/Map Name City Country Note
OGFmapicon.png map Martínez by Carlton Bărrădin Antharia 42 Aléea Shambord, Poarta Regală
OGFmapicon.png map Hotel Capitol Ostrina Antharia 23-25 Calea Vylceshtilor, Là Păcănele
OGFmapicon.png map Hotel Carlton Ostrina Antharia 24-26 Aléea Falesei, Dabija
OGFmapicon.png map Hotel Carlton Park Ostrina Antharia 19-21 Strada Conacelor, Carol
OGFmapicon.png map Giasco by Carlton Ostrina Antharia 10-12 Boulevardul Aosta, Là Păcănele
OGFmapicon.png map Carlton Sweet Fort Geanina Antharia 32-36 Aleea Taurului, Estavrapal
OGFmapicon.png map Martínez by Carlton Geanina Antharia 2-8 Strada Niscavei, Centru
OGFmapicon.png map Hotel Carlton Geanina Antharia 72-88 Croazeta Geaninei, Centru
OGFmapicon.png map Giasco by Carlton Odrava New Town Odrava Drabantia Tarotská 2 (Dunvická 30), 12001 Odrava 2
OGFmapicon.png map Giasco by Carlton Bărădin Antharia 13-17 Strada Sânvasile, Poarta Sură
OGFmapicon.png map Giasco by Carlton Odrava Drabantia Jakubské náměstí 5, 11200 Odrava 1
OGFmapicon.png map Capitol Odrava Old Town Nikkeltown Mallyore Obala dr. Josipa Martića
OGFmapicon.png map Hotel Carlton Nikkeltown [[]] [[]]