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logo of Chacafé
TypeSubsidiary brand
IndustryCoffee and pastry shop
HeadquartersChal, Adariaflag.png Adaria
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleTBD, CEO
 TBD, Manager
 Coffee beverages
 Baked goods
Service(s)Coffee shops
RevenueIncrease 23.2 billion (2016)
Operating IncomeIncrease 4.74 billion (2016)
Net IncomeIncrease 3.92 billion (2016)
Total AssetsIncrease 18.6 billion (2016)
Total EquityIncrease 9.35 billion (2016)
Number of employees521 (Adaria)
Parent CompanyAlimentaria de Catelia, S.A.
Web Site

Chacafé is an Adarian coffee brand headquartered in Chal, Catelia, specialized in the commercialization of coffee and cafeteria shops. It is the biggest coffee brand by revenue in Adaria, and it is known internationally as a synonym for Adarian Coffee.


Chacafé was found as 'Cafés de Chal' in 1872 as one of the many coffee producers in the Río Rojo Basin in Catelia, competing with the many companies that were selling coffee specially to Catelian cities. It rapidly grew in popularity in Chal, where all of the sellers focused, instead of going around the country in towns and cities. In 1892 they opened the first coffee shop in Chal, in the centric Plaza de Catelia, which has been since one of the most iconic cafeterias in Adaria. By the early 20th century the company expanded rapidly and was commercializing its coffee through all of Catelia.

In 1950, after the independence war, Chacafé expanded into the rest of the country, opening its first store outside of Catelia in Nichiuri. By then, it was starting to sell its own bakery products, with wheat, sugar and chocolate produced by local farmers in Adaria. It also sold its products into grocery stores, establishing themselves in 1962 as a private company by the name "Alimentaria de Catelia", of which Chacafé became a subsidiary brand, along Azucarera Sancarriana, bought by the company in 1958 and Taka, its chocolate brand.

In the late 1980s, after some decades of coffee exporting, Chacafé started to open its brand coffee shops abroad.


Chacafé has two main businesses, the coffee shop business and its coffee brand.

Coffee shops

Chacafé's coffee shops are marketed as "The full Adarian cafeteria experience", as they not only use Adarian coffee, but elaborate their bakery products with local products from their sister brands in Alimentaria de Catelia. Chacafé is the most well known coffee shop brand in the country, to the point in which in some places the word "Chacafé" has become a popular word for a cafeteria. "Vamos a tomar algo en el Chacafé" (Let's go drink something at Chacafé) is used in Catelian Castellanese as an expression to go to a coffee shop, regardless if it's Chacafé branded or not.

Coffee brand

Chacafé sells all sorts of coffee products in most grocery stores, and is also a reference brand for coffee in the country, although with a more contested spot than coffee shops, specially against foreign coffee brands. They sell rather coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee or coffee capsules, as well as other coffee-related groceries.

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