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15, -17.7613, 21.3784
 • ProvinceIllion
 • Official nameVille de Charleville
 • MayorGérard Fouchet
 • Estimate (2014)330 000
Postal Code13500-13550

Charleville is a municipality in Broceliande located in the Illion province. With approximatly 330 000 inhabitants, it is the third city of the TCS-Metropolis by population within city limits.

rue de l'Arsenal

Charleville was founded in 1673 by Prince Charles II just after the first Illion war in ordre to create a new harbor that can compete Troie.

Today, Charleville is the main military port of Broceliande and the second port of Illion (after the port of Troie).

The center of the city is a unique example of brutalist urbanism and architecture. In the early 1950ies, the state and the city authorities decided to demolish the whole faubourg Flagey to build a new modern city center. The project was stopped in 1980 (completed at ~75%).



Charleville couts approximatly 330,000 inhabitants (350,000 in 1985). Carolos are in general poorer than the national average even if the southern districts are among the wealthiest of the whole country.

Public Transport

Charleville is served by the REAT network and a dense bus network operated by TCC (Transports en commun de Charleville).

The Charleville-centre station (built in 1969) offers national services operated by the CFP.

The last tramway circulated in Charleville in 1965.


Charleville has a two main historical heritage :

  • the inner-city (intramuros) : a well preserved old city with several intresting churches, a castle and nice restaurants.
  • the Flagey modernist project : a unique example of a "new city" built inside of an old city.

The other areas of the city don't have a big historical or cultural importance.