Chuso Azugáki-Folajji

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OGFmapicon.png 34.2319 N, 120.1688 E
Four Houses College
Chuso Azugáki-Folajji
 • CityJaka
The main building with Rotunda

The Chuso Azugáki-Folajji is a history-charged college in the Kojolese city of Jaka. It was founded in 1866 by 4 competing mixed sporting teams, each successful in their own right, to the east of the relatively new "New-Town". The 4 houses and the common auditorium still form the centre of the campus, which has been extended several times. Even today, students are required to register with one of the four houses, and the university is operated by them as a common property; students who pass the required tests and become member of one house therefore are also partly "owners" of the university for the time of their prescription. The only major set of restrictions on that system was implemented in 1956, when the university was transformed into a public university. Now, the government has a say in nearly every important decision, but the university also receives funds like any other public school. The partly violent struggles between the government and the university as well as inside the university itself in these years entered the history books as "The great traditionalist students' riots of 1955/56". Still, to this day the College remains mostly self-administrated and autonomous, and is well known for its unique studying culture.

Of the 27,050 students, 14,100 under are studying towards their first, 10,950 towards their second, and 2,000 post-grads towards a doctorate or other similar degree. The university is recognised by the BMS University Ranking as the centre of the Elite Cluster "Competitive Sport, Education and Research Region Kime Delta".

In Jaka there is another large public university, Tampo-Joelgue Ōnagara.

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