Commonian Confederation

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Confederation of Commonian States, Regions and Provinces
"Long live Commonia, its peoples united"
Largest cityCharlington
Official languagesIngerish, Babelic
 • Regional languagesVarious
 • PresidentBetel Makke
HDIIncrease 0.45
CurrencyCommonian Buc
Drives on theRight

The Commonian Confederation is the de facto dictatorial government of the majority of Commonia. Its control encompasses around a half of the country and it possesses a considerably larger sphere of influence. It is not and has never been recognised by the AN or any other country as a country, but rather only a government. It territorial claims cover the entirety of Commonia, as well as the islands of West Commonia, though West Commonia has its own independent government.


It is the 'successor state' of the former government of Commonia which ruled before the Great War and its following conflicts. It is unclear when the Commonian Confederation was actually founded, as following the wars of the 1970s the Fascist Republic of Commonia gradually devolved into the Commonian Confederation. However, it is widely accepted by historians that the relevant date is 1981.

The Commonian Confederation was largely the force against the West Commonian Seperatists, the faction that insisted on West Commonian Independence and the Commonian Civil War. A large war was fought with inconclusive outcome before a ceasefire was signed and independence was recognized.


The Commonian Confederation the most powerful and influential of all the Commonian factions. From what information that exists, it has been determined that the CC has at least 250,000 active military personnel, with a significantly larger but unknown number of reserves. The quality of the fighting force varies from region to region, from highly trained soldiers, to small militias. The Commonian Confederation is also reported to have an aircraft carrier, the CCS Deliverance, which was launched in 1943, during the war. Following on, it escaped demilitarisation after the war ended and reportedly underwent a refit in the 70s. Its last confirmed sighting was in the West Commonian independence war. It has since vanished, with reports stating that it is either in storage, scrapped or derelict.

The Commonian Confederation is suspected to have weapons of mass destruction, namely chemical and biological weapons. Exact information on useage, composition and quantity of these weapons is sparse and inaccurate. Commonia, the nation that first developed and used nuclear technology, now has no nuclear capability. Weapons and their developing grounds were closed down and removed following the Great War and any bombs that survived demilitarisation would be rendered obsolete by modern technology. Commonia no longer has the technology to manufacture and develop nuclear bombs. The Commonian Confederation is a known manufacturer and exporter of chemical weapons. Sold on the black market, they are used in various countries around the world.