Continental Ice Hockey League

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The Continental Ice Hockey League is an Ice Hockey league which was founded is Ismikk in 1990 in order to spread interest about the game and develop local players. Since the league's inception, the league has grown to become a multi-national one. For the tropic or subtropic climate, all plays are in special cooled sport halls.


For the season currently taking place. There are 6 teams competing this year. 3 clubs are located in Ismikk, 2 clubs in Zylanda, and 1 club in Mecyna.

Team Name City Country Highest placed finish
Palmerston City Nationals Palmerston City Lost country.png Ismikk 1
Byomrade Bucs Byomrade Lost country.png Ismikk 1
SDC Hurricanes Sable-du-Crique Lost country.png Ismikk 2
Phoenix Fire Phoenix FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 2
Aaby Aadlers Aaby FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 1
Elegantia Gruen Jokers Elegantia FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 1


League table

Current Season

1. Palmerston City Nationals
2. Aaby Aadlers
3. Byomrade Bucs
4. Elegantia Gruen Jokers
5. Phoenix Fire
6. SDC Hurricanes