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Z16, -46.8518 °S, 46.5709 °E

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Hamlet in Winn
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Municipality New Winn Bay
Town Billhack
Population 350 (2020)

Copperburgh (Aeránanue: Copperbhy) is a hamlet in the municipality of New Winn Bay, in the Winnster barony of Caspica. Functionally it is a small neighbourhood of New Winn Bay, although it lies in the boundaries of Billhack. It was built in the 1950s, as the start of a potential new neighbourhood for New Winn Bay. However, due to lack of funding, this project was never completed, and afterward, urban development in the city shifted towards construction of Cattertown and Katya.

FlagNewWinnBay.png Municipality of New Winn Bay FlagNewBay.png
City: New Winn Bay
Town: Millten
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