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13, 0.4627, 29.7684
City of Cambria
Territorial authorityCrafers District
 • RegionSabon
 • National electorateCrafers
 • MayorLindsay Vaier
 • Estimate (2016)60,085
 • Census (2012)59,007
Postal Code2215
Telephone Code040 345, 346

Crafers (cray-FERS) is a city located on the Crafers River in western Cambria, Vodeo. The city is approximately 75 kilometres south of Longlac and 232 kilometres west of Holme, and has a population of around 60,000, making it Cambria's fifth-largest city.

The Crafers urban area is spread through the valleys surrounding the city centre, and has a number of suburbs: Appleby, Brisk Hill Park, Dornan Woods, Dower Valley, Emerald Heights, Gandlin, Horse Hill, Lorina, North Crafers, Pearsall, Rainham, Riverside, Rush Gardens, Stoern, Studbourne and Westhill lie to the north of the Crafers River; south and south-west of the city are Broadmeadows, Chapel Heights, Hicorang, Janori, Langston, Ormesby, Plume Hill, Ridcombe, South Crafers, Stranmore, Tranrike, and Vinegar Hill; and to the east lie Dankworth, Dewhurst, Grahamtown, North End, Parkers Creek, and Sidhall.


Crafers is the seat of the Crafers District Council, of which the mayor has been Lindsay Vaier since 2011. The city proper is located within two council wards: Town, which takes in the city centre and suburbs north of the Crafers River, and Halls River, which takes in those suburbs south of the Crafers River.

At a provincial level, Crafers is located entirely within the Crafers Valley electorate, while at a national level the city is located in the Crafers electorate; both are held by the Federal Party. Crafers and Crafers Valley have been considered safe Federal seats since 1950 and 1913, respectively.


Crafers is situated at the junction of three major highways: the M4 from Longlac to Silverton, the A21 from Endorie, and the A34 from Holme. The C322 follows the former main highway route through the city, beginning north of Helensvale and ending south-east of Hicorang.